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Vinyl Bitchie
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: St. Louis MO
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A fresh talent from Missouri is emerging on the international Club scene. She’s bringing unparalleled energy to audiences craving an escape from the everyday grind to a paradise of harmonic orgasms. The vessel on this melodic voyage is captained by DJ/Producer Vinyl Bitchie who takes audiences to non-chartered locations every time she performs. This is quite evident as she takes you on a journey through her new album “UpBeat”.


Born in Ferguson (North St Louis County), Missouri Vinyl grew up in a large family with 5 brothers and 5 sisters. Her family all shared a strong passion for music anchored by Vinyl’s father. “When I was young my father was in a band. He played guitar and my mom played the guitar as well”, Vinyl remembers. She was also captivated by her father’s vast record collection which spanned numerous genres and generations. Her early influences include Stevie Nicks, Earth Wind and Fire, Herbie Hancock, Tina Turner and Marvin Gaye just to name a few.

When Vinyl was a little girl she and the rest of the kids in her family performed in church every Sunday. One week while the kids were performing a local gospel producer selected her and one of her sisters to participate in a local gospel project. Her petite size led the producer to assume that she was a soprano but when Vinyl started singing with her deep voice, the producer instantly knew that Vinyl had something incredibly unique. At this moment Vinyl realized that music was always going to be a gigantic part of her life and she was confident that she had something unique to share with the world. Although she dedicated the majority of her teens/early twenties dancing and modeling, she never forgot her passion for music. By age 15 she learned how to DJ and started spinning primarily Hip Hop records whenever she could find the time. As time went by Vinyl grew out of dancing and modeling and spent more and more time working as a DJ. As time pasted, her passion for spinning Hip Hop records shifted to Electronica music after being influence by DJ Heather, Legendary Gary Mac, and Don Tinsley. She began spinning raves, parties and clubs in and around the St Louis area and slowly started to develop a name for herself in the house scene.

In 1998 Vinyl took her passion for music to a new level when she accepted a DJ position at 89.5 The Wave, a College radio station in St Louis with an alternative rock format. There was one problem, Vinyl, known then as DJ Phantazum, was a House, Trance, and Progressive lover and refused to follow the Alternative Rock format. Diana Kirby, the station manager at the time, appreciated Vinyl’s spunk and decided to allow her to feature House, Trance, and Progressive. This decision paid off for the station and Vinyl developed a loyal following. While DJing at the radio station was great for developing a fan base, she didn’t feel the satisfaction she wanted as an on-air personality. She soon took over the more popular Saturday night slot at the radio station and developed an even larger fan-base. She had to change the name of her show from Friday Night Friction to Melodic Voyage, which became the name of Vinyl’s entertainment company. After obtaining popularity in the College radio market, Vinyl was approached with numerous opportunities in commercial radio. The major crossroads in Vinyl’s life came when she decided to turn down a steady gig at a plush radio station in Florida in favor of an on-air spot. Radio began to drive her nuts and she remembers how annoying it was with the amount of time she spent talking to herself. She couldn’t see or feel the people she was entertaining when she was on the air. She decided to quit radio and dive full time into being a live club DJ and getting Melodic Voyage on its feet. This is when DJ Phantazum died and DJ VINYL BITCHIE was born. “My goal as a DJ is to bring something new that’s positive, make a point that life is short and you don’t have to be serious all the time. It’s ok to have an open mind, to look crazy, and to have fun”, she declares.

In 2003 Vinyl took her skills in the music industry to another level when she met and befriended fellow Producer/DJ Juxtaposition. The two shared a common passion for music and together they vowed to help the community by improving music programs in schools. Juxtaposition was embraced as an intricate part of Vinyl’s company Melodic Voyage. It was Juxtaposition who encouraged Vinyl to begin producing music. Vinyl took his advice and under Juxtaposition’s wing they began to create a style of music that she describes as, “Music that incorporates elements from New York House, San Francisco House, and Chicago House and mixes it together to create a new sound that’s not so Cookie Cutter.” Now the elements were all in place and Melodic Voyage had a great system to test their music. Juxtaposition and Vinyl began to produce as much original music as they possibly could. Vinyl would then take the music they created and spin it in Clubs and parties around the Midwest to test what people liked. Melodic Voyage began to take off and finally Vinyl would begin to garner International attention from fans and critics.

In 2006 Vinyl was interviewed by one of the biggest online female deejay publications, which hosts female deejays and producers from all over the world, This interview was released in the Winter 2006 issue. Vinyl was also featured as one of "The Sexiest DJs In The World" by M8 Magazine--a very popular UK club culture publication (The March 2007 Winter Music Conference Edition). This magazine hosts top deejays from all over the globe. She also held the 1 rank for St. Louis Missouri DJs on, "The world's largest DJ directory" in 2006 & 2007.

Not only was Vinyl being recognized as an incredible internationally talented DJ, she was beginning to receive acknowledgment as a producer as well. In 2006 her debut single "Where Should I Go?" climbed Indy underground charts to the 1 spot, along with her mix "Frequently Modulated". Her remix "Julez Santana vs Swank -Housework" was in the top 50 spot as well. With the success of her single fans were constantly asking when her debut album would become available for purchase.

Vinyl knew that it was time to buckle down and give her fans what they’ve been asking for. So she began the process of creating her debut release, “UpBeat”. The album aims to break down walls between multiple genres, morphing house and progressive music, with break beats, trance music and live instruments. When asked what the message was she was trying to convey on the album Vinyl simply answers, “I just wanted people to know I did work with Juxtapozishin on a few of the songs on this album, but the song with my credits on them, I did produce them by myself. I am a Producer. I’m not like most female artist who has other people producing music for them and then put their stamp on it. I don’t use samples. Our music is made from scratch. It’s REAL”.

Some of the darkest moments in her life are revealed within the song, “On My Own”, as she shares the true story of her not being faithful and dealing with the ramifications of almost losing a soul mate. This turned out to be Vinyl’s favorite song on the album due to the deep impact it had on her life. The most difficult song to produce on the album, she confesses, was “Housin’ It” which displays Vinyl’s vocal abilities. “For months I was trying to figure out what to do with the song, and Juxtaposition started barking at me to sing on the song. At first I was a little hesitant but then we got really drunk one night and I said I’m going to get in the closet now and Juxtaposition made it sound super duper nice. The track took 6 months to complete, and it took me getting trashed to get it totally finished.” Obviously the work paid off as the song proves to be one of the best on the album.

Perhaps the album can best be defined by the Song “Upbeat”. The goal of “Upbeat” was to create a song that would transcend genres and could be played in a wide variety of environments. Vinyl sums it up by stating, “The track “Upbeat” uses break beats but the way I produced it House DJs can spin it also, and that is what I want to do with this album. Create songs that can be spun by multiple DJs in multiple genres.” This is definitely the case and Vinyl has succeeded in her mission to take the world on an unforgettable Melodic Voyage with her debut album. Jump on board and buckle your seat belt while you experience it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. This is one artist that is sure to be traveling the road of success for some time to come.

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