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I am a: DJ/Artist
From: Los Angeles CA
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About überzone
Who are you?
“I’m Uberzone.”
What’s an Uberzone?
It’s a German word roughly meaning “overzone, the super zone or zone above.”
Seriously, do you have a real name though?
“People call me Q, but you don’t have to.”
Is that a real name or did your mother not like you?
“My real name is Timothy Wiles and I’m from Anaheim, California… that enough?”
If you’re from California, why do you have a German name?
“Because growing up, Kraftwerk was one of my favorite bands.”
What do you do?
“I produce electronic music and I help other people produce and mix their music too.”
Have you ever had a hit?
“Define hit?”
A tune a lot of people liked.
“Yeah… lot’s of them, but who cares?”
Who are these “other people” you’ve worked with? I don’t believe you.
“Do a Google search; I’m not here to name drop.”
What does your music sound like? Does it fit into a nice little compartment or genre?
“It has its own sound, I don’t get into the whole gentrification thing and you shouldn’t either. Open your mind. Right now I’m digging on various forms of house music blended with a little broken beat, but that my change tomorrow. I always aspire for innovation and originality.”
And you perform this train wreck of a style live? Where?
“I’ve played all around the world, Europe, Australia, North America, Asia, you name it. I’ve even played at big festivals like Coachella, Glastonbury, Glade etc… plus a bunch of dope clubs.”
People actually pay you to do this?
“Yeah, isn’t life great? My show is actually quite fun. I jump around a lot, people dance, they scream, they wiggle… I’ve even been asked to sign boobs.”
Can I be you?
“No. Be yourself, it’s what I’ve always done.”
What are you up to next?
“I’m working on new Uberzone material as well as a Major Laser remix and some collaborations. Get off your tookus and go find some of it.”
Where can I find it?
“Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, you know... online. Or just download it illegally... blogs, you know? I don’t care anymore and no one else does either. Just kidding, you really should buy it, I need to eat.”
How can I reach you in case I need you to DJ at my wedding?
“You’re funny; just hit me up on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.”

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Jul 14, 2008 By: Uberzone @
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