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Steve Aoki
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: Los Angeles CA
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"I decided that music was going to drive the course of my life right then and there

EV: You recently got back from an Australia/New Zealand tour.  What was the response and how does it feel to be back in your home market?

SA: At the moment im in Bassano de Grappa, Italy. I just got out of a 4 day studio session. I’m going back to my roots doing a hardcore band where I’m singing again with bob from bloody beetroots and congorock. I’m rarely home as it is but when I am, nothing beats sleeping in my bed. I love LA.

EV:  You have one of the most diverse careers out of anyone we've talked to.  You're a dj, producer, record label owner, restaurant owner, clothing/shoe designer and probably a lot more we don't know about yet.  How do you manage your time so well?

SA: I have good solid teams organized around, and on each project that I can rely on. 

EV:  In the past few years your career has skyrocketed, going from small club gigs to traveling the world and even having a featured Essentials Mix on BBn, itC radio 1.  Having already accomplished what most can only dream, what are your goals or projects for this next year?

SA: More original production and maintaining all the businesses that have been building; record label, clothing line, and future collaborations with other lines.

As far as production, I have two singles I’ve already written. It’s just a matter of when they will come out and how.

EV: Growing up in Newport you listened to a lot of punk rock.  Is your musical influence derived from that scene in the late 80s/early 90s?

SA: I have a gorilla biscuits tattoo. I was a straight edge, hardcore kid, growing up in the suburbs.  When I moved to Santa Barbara for school, I started ‘This Machine Kills’.  I was involved in the hardcore scene up there. Those are my roots.

EV: You graduated from UCSB with two (yes that's right two) B.A.'s in Women's Studies and Sociology.  How did your college years influence your career?

SA: There are two different paths really. When I was going to school I planned on attending a PhD program, and was accepted into two at the time. I had to make a decision whether to continue with the label or with the program. Right when I had to make the decision I was holding the demos to The Kills, and I decided that music was going to drive the course of my life right then and there. 

EV:  When did you figure out that deejaying/producing was something that you wanted to make a living out of?

SA: It gradually became more obvious that I was making a living deejaying and soon producing, so it just organically made itself relevant in my life. There was no real strong decision about it. 

EV:  You've remixed and worked with everyone from Duran Duran to Snoop Dogg.  How has that range across different genres attributed to your vast fan base?

SA: At the end of the day I produce dance music. Labels, managers and artists approach me to do production for their tracks or remixes because they are looking for that particular sound from the previous tracks I’ve done, so it's all in the same fan base. 

EV:  Speaking of genres many producers and DJs are labeled in a certain genre or sub genre, but what, if any, do you label yourself?

 SA: Dance music.

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