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Sebastien Entertainment
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INDULGENCE: An Interview with Sebastien
by Sobo (Nov.'06)

Sebastien Entertainment and Harry Denton has been producing the longest running Wednesday night party for over 10 years strong. This past September Sebastien and Harry Denton celebrated their 10-year Anniversary of his weekly event, Indulgence at the Harry Denton’s Starlight Room atop the legendary Sir Francis Drake Hotel.

His parties have been a staple for locals, the bay area, tourists as well as celebrities like Owen Wilson, Sean Penn, Metallica,Golden State Warriors, Warren Sapp and Oakland Raiders, the 49ers and Barry Bonds and a bunch of Giants to name a few.

His company Sebastien Entertainment has produced weekly and monthly parties at Ana Mandara, Harry Denton’s Starlight room, Ruby Skye, Loft 11, Bubble Lounge, Crash, Roe Prive, and Suite 181. Because of his beverage catering and special events background he has been commissioned by corporate clients like EA Sports, The Lukemia & Lymphoma Society and many others to produce elaborate and elegant private events as well tapped by Metallica and the Macy’s Passport Fashion Show for exclusive events.

Sebastien and Sean Penn

On Wednesday, November 22, 2006, Sebastien and Harry Denton celebrate have their 10th Thanksgiving Eve party together at Harry Denton’s Starlight Room. I got a chance to catch up with Sebastien to talk about this milestone night and his plans leading to his 11th year.

Sobo: What does it mean to you to spend the night before Thanksgiving with all these people that have been showing up at your party for so many years? It must seem like they have become family.
Sebastien: It has become family-like w/old and new friends coming out to celebrate. Its one of my favorite parties because it’s the beginning of the holiday party season, so everyone seems to be gearing up and happy to be going out to have a good time.

Britney Andrews and Sebastien

Sobo: What were your most memorable Thanksgiving Parties?
Sebastien: All of them. They all are special to me. One year we had DJ Douglas Gibbs from Ghost Bar Las Vegas and the energy was supreme. Everyone danced everywhere, not just on the dance floor. The building was shaking that night.

SoBo: Who of all the celebrities/athletes were you the most surprised to see at your Thanksgiving Party?
Sebastien: It’s always a surprise because it’s always somebody I don’t expect. So many show up all the time but its not about the celebrities at Indulgence. People have been coming here so long and being that it’s a Wednesday night people are not coming out to get trashed but to see their friends and meet cool new people.

Girls at Indulgence

SoBo: Without mentioning name (unless you want to) what has been the craziest thing you have seen at any of your Indulgence parties?
Sebastien: Some very excited girls celebrating their 21st birthday. Nothing was being held back that night, 15 girls were scantily clad and being very friendly to each other.

SoBo: 10 years strong. How much longer do you want to be grinding like this, and what do you want to do next?
Sebastien: For a while longer. The next step for me is the planning stages so watch out its gonna be HUGE! Eventually I’d like to have a venue in The City that is original and unique that SF has not seen yet.

More girls at Indulgence

SoBo: What do you have planned for New Year’s Eve?
Sebastien: I am in negotiations right now for something memorable at a San Francisco Waterfront location. I don’t want to say yet so you’ll have to stay tuned. You will be the first to know.

SoBo: Any big new things coming up for ’07?
Sebastien: Plenty of things but I can’t say what yet, buts its something the whole city has been waiting for.