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Scott Roberts
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: San Diego CA
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About Me
I am originally from the Big Island of Hawai'i, having been born in Kailua-Kona.  I moved to Southern California when I was 3 and have been here ever since.  As a kid I was always musically inclined (even though I didn't have the patience to ever practice my instruments...) and started taking piano lessons at 6 years old.  I really wish that I had stuck with it, because it would make producing a heck of a lot easier now.  In junior high I played the clarinet, alto-clarinet, flute, alto-saxaphone, and percussion.  Of these I found that I was best at playing the alto-clarinet and went on to play in the citywide Honor Band.  Then I stopped playing music.  In highschool I didn't play music at all because my school did not have a band, but it was here that I first heard (what I only knew it as at the time) "Techno Rave Music".  I instantly knew that I had found something special and started learning who the DJ's were and what the tracks were called.  That was when my love affair with House Music started.

In college I was running Spring Break trips down to Mexico and on one of the trips I became good friends with one of the DJ's who was spinning house beats for us.  I will always thank Sanjay for being the one who introduced me to the San Diego club scene and got me started as a promoter with  I started at the bottom of the promoting food chain for sure, I was passing out fliers at the back door of the club as people were going home at the end of the night and was getting my friends from SDSU on the guestlist.  After about a year of this I was finally hired as a regular promoter and have been helping with events ever since.

On November 13, 2004 we had John Digweed and Felix Da Housecat play at 4th and B.  It also happened to be my birthday party.  I was having a blast enjoying two amazing DJ's and was trainspotting so many of the songs that my friends Michelle and Steve turned to me simultaniously and said "Scott, you really just need to be a DJ."  I laughed it off, but thought about it for awhile.  Not having the money to get a full DJ setup I didn't really see how I was going to learn.  That is when I met Cowboy Mike.  We became good friends and that is when he told me he had just started spinning himself about a year before and had a set of decks at home.  So I got my first records (which were mostly Trance) and had Mike start teaching me how to spin.  The first time I laid my hands on the turntables was August 22, 2005 and I have not looked back since.  Within 6 months I had my first gig, opening for Cowboy Mike and Victor Dinaire at the Honey Bee Hive in Downtown San Diego.  3 months after that I was given a Saturday night residency at a new club called Heat.  The room I was in was a little underground basement that held maybe 30 people if it was packed, and I called it my little clubhouse because I was able to bring in whichever of my friends I wanted to come spin with me!   This is where I really got to start playing regularly and getting used to spinning at a venue instead of someones house.

I have been fortunate in getting to play with some of the biggest and best DJs in the business including: Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Sander Kleinenberg, Funkagenda, David Guetta, Roger Sanchez, Sander Van Doorn, Eddie Halliwell, Charles Feelgood, Ferry Corsten, etc...

You can keep up with my podcasts on my podcast website!
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