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Sander van Doorn
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: Eindhoven
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Pushing the boundaries of dance music is something that comes natural to Sander van Doorn. His relentless attitude to what he does is the core essence to his astonishing success, both as a DJ and as a world-class producer. Production after production, show after show, his reputation is one of flawless measure, and the best is still to come.

In just 4 years, and coming out of nowhere, Sander van Doorn is achieving stuff dreams are made of. Debuting in DJMag’s prestigious Top 100 poll at 32 in 2006 and then climbing 17 places to 15 in 2007 indicates the power and popularity of this man.

Sander has clocked up more miles in 12 months than most, demolishing each and every dancefloor he commands over. New residencies at Judgement Sunday in Ibiza and at the Gallery in London put two big feathers in cap, and there are a few surprises to come next year. His ethos is simple and that is to please every crowd he comes in contact with.

If you haven’t heard of Grasshopper, King of My Castle, By Any Demand and Riff then you’re probably not in tune with dance music. Every van Doorn production of 2007 has sent tidal waves through the electronic music industry with Djs from a multitude of genres slotting his work into their sets. Radio play of all four tracks was guaranteed, as were high chart positions, reaching the number one spot on more than one occasion. His remix of Sia’s ‘The Girl You Lost To Cocaine’ is the stuff classics are made of, and ‘The Bass’, the first single from Supernaturalistic is speaking for itself!

It would be a grave mistake to miss out on seeing Sander play because you're not a 'trance' fan. You can be a nazi of any genre – and it’s still guaranteed that Sander Van Doorn will have you bouncing along with the entire of the dancefloor!

On 3rd March 2008 Sander released his first artist album under record label, Spinnin'. The album was titled 'Supernaturalistic'. Its a 13 track album with a variation of tracks with a base in trance but all with their own take on the genre of trance. 'Look Inside Your Head' provides the perfect introduction to the album. It’s a melodic, soothing trancey, and quite trippy start to proceedings, thus giving us a taste from the outset of what this album might be capable of. 'Pura Vida', 'Apple', and in particular 'Sushi' will appease the minimalists out there – sonically sublime in every way. 'Lobby' displays van Doorn’s versatile nature and demonstrates just how different he can be in terms of style - a kind of Massive Attack meets van Doorn we think. 'The Bass', which is one of Van Doorn’s most played tracks, is a must for those who crave peak set dance-floor mayhem, with 'Dozer' providing the ultimate dose of techno throbbing rave! And so finally we reach the end. 'Outrospective' is Sander’s way of winding down the album to a perfect and calming close.

March 2008 saw Sander win an award for 'Best Breakthrough DJ' in the International Dance Music Awards at the Miami Winter Conference in 2008 (beating the likes of Calvin Harris, Deadmau5 and Axwell).

Sanders newest and biggest single is 'Sia - The Girl You Lost' which came out on download on 14th April 2008.


Sep 9, 2008 By: Sander van Doorn @
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