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To Woogie or Not to Woogie: 5 Reasons Why AND Why Not to Attend Do LaB's Woogie Weekend Festival

May 5, 2016 - by Molly Sinclair

Festival season is getting jam-packed with events, and you're wondering whether you should buy tickets to Woogie Weekend, the second-year house and techno music festival hosted by The Do Lab and taking place July 8-10 in Silverado, CA.

Luckily I went last year, so I've created an unbiased guide for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should or should not attend Woogie Weekend 2016!

The (Tech) NO

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Attend Woogie Weekend

5. You're expecting Coachella.

Yes, the Do LaB stage at Coachella is a blast (literally), but Woogie Weekend festival itself is nothing like the commercial festival in Indio. At Woogie the focus is on the dance music and the warm vibes from a tight-knit family community. At Coachella, we can't always say the same.

4. You don't want to pack it out.

Going off that last point, this isn't the type of event that will let you trash the place and clean up after you. You must pack out everything you pack in, including trash.

3. You want to bring your dog.

Sorry, Spud. The Do Lab pressed "paws" on bringing dogs. (Yeah, that wasn't very punny.)

2. You don't like house, techno, or disco music.

I'm hesitant to list this one, because I knew friends that went last year that were total bassheads and had a blast at Woogie. They're even going again this year! But to be fair, it is a weekend full of house, techno, and disco, so if that sounds terrible to you, maybe stick to attending Lightning in a Bottle or other event.

1. You want to go nude.

No nudity is allowed, so you shouldn't attend if that is your permanent state. (What do you do for a living?!)

The (Heck) Yes

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Attend Woogie Weekend

5. It's produced by the Do Lab.

Colorful stages, climb-able structures, unbeatable lighting and sound production, positivity, and more than just music - this is how I would describe Do Lab events. Knowing Do Lab is throwing Woogie, you can expect a happy-go-lucky weekend filled with activities and talent, with helpful staff and a well-organized program.

4. Great weather, venue, and campgrounds.

Although there were bouts of rain last year, the location itself at Oak Canyon Park still had tons of sun, green grass, and a beautiful lake. The venue is almost all flat ground and not too spread out, making the weekend a breeze for meeting up with people and not tiring yourself out walking from stages to campgrounds. Irvine, CA is also close to L.A., San Diego, and gets gorgeous weather, especially in July.

3. It's relatively inexpensive.

$145 for 3 non-stop days of music is a fabulous alternative to other music festivals that have skyrocketed over $200 to $300 and even $400 price tickets. With workshops and yoga in the day, DJs at night, and tent camping included, you're definitely getting a fair bang for your buck.

2. Best house, techno, and disco music.

How refreshing it is to see a lineup that's DIFFERENT! Woogie abandons the same cookie-cutter acts for a fresh mix of artists from all spectrums of the house and tech dimension.

The lineup was just released today (at time of publishing). Check it out:

1. The crowd keeps up high spirits, even in a thunderstorm.

If you read our review on last year's festival during a thunderstorm, you'll see that the event was complete madness. Rain made the first-year event a Wet Woogie, succumbing to Mother Earth's elements. Yet it was absolutely astounding how the rain actually made the crowd wilder! Feet full of mud and faces full of joy, the Woogie Warriors danced even harder than before and the energy was through the roof. In other words, if a thunderstorm can excite this crowd, I can't say I've experienced better vibes than that!

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Event Info

Dates: July 8-10, 2016

Location: Oak Canyon Park, Silverado, CA

Ages: 18+

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