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5 Essential Items to Bring to Coachella

March 30, 2015 - by Kiana Ghassemi

Festival season has crept up on us quickly, and with so much music floating around, it's like Christmas came early! As the temperatures rise and our attention spans towards anything not festival related begin to diminish, let's focus on Coachella, which is right around the corner. We all know to drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen but this list will go over a few essentials that you might gloss over on your way to the desert.

Note: these tips were written with car camping in mind.

5. Jumper cables

My car won't die, you think, it's chill. WRONG. Even though you may not be hanging out in your car, chances are you will be in and out of it often. Taking jumper cables does not take up much room, and you will be so happy that you can grab them from your trunk instead of having to walk around the campgrounds asking your neighbors if they have any, or waiting for AAA. Plus, if you don't need them, there's a chance your neighbors will and why not be prepared to help out?

4. Baby wipes

Pretty self-explanatory for a dusty 3-day festival. When you're out camping in desert grounds, not only are you going to wake up at 6am because it's so hot, you're also going to wake up covered in sweat. And while the showers are game changers, having some baby wipes to freshen up in between will make you feel less like a scumbag about that fourth beer you're about to chug.

3. Gifts for security

To clear this up, I use the word gifts lightly. I don't mean gift cards or watches, nor am I suggesting giving gifts to security so that you can get in for free or anything. But think about it, you're going to be on the grounds for three days and so are they - working. So if you see them around just be nice - say hi, give them an apple, toss them a beer - just don't be a dick, everyone will appreciate it.

2. Multi-purpose sprayer / Water gun

This one is more for fun! Camping out, you're going to have some down time before you head into the festival. Moreover, with that downtime, spraying yourself / your friends will help you cool off and also have a fun time doing it.

1. Spare keys

Spare keys are an awesome idea for any car camping festival for many reasons. For obvious reasons, locking your keys in your car sucks... but locking your keys in your car at Coachella sucks even more and would be a huge pain in the bum. Having a spare key will make sure that this does not happen (just don't lose the spare key). Another reason that an extra set of keys is ideal is that you keep a set and your friend can keep a set. That way if you guys need to split up (be it that you want to see different acts or you need to go get something from the campground), you both can have access to the car / your belongings.

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