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5 Questions with Tritonal, Headliner of Life in Color San Diego

April 21, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

They've played the biggest music festivals around the world from Ultra to Tomorrowland to EDC. Their debut album Piercing the Quiet was a smash hit, along with all their following releases. And if that wasn't enough, they even have a cult fan following, dubbed "Tritonians".

What could possibly be next for Tritonal, the trance DJ duo from Texas, USA? None other than headlining Life in Color San Diego, the world's largest paint party!

I was lucky enough to steal a few minutes from Chad and Dave of Tritonal's busy schedule. We talked about their upcoming set at LIC San Diego, the theme of their latest album and their musical idols - you might be suprised by their answers!

1. We're really excited to have you guys play Life in Color San Diego, "World's Largest Paint Party"! What can we expect for your headlining set in San Diego?

Ahh thanks so much guys! We're super excited to headline this show. We have been working SO HARD on new music the last 4 months or so, which we will be playing in San Diego. We're knee deep into our next artist album and can't wait to play some new songs!

2. Have you ever experienced a paint party before?

Indeed! Tritonal + Showtek in Rochester NY, what a night!

3. Tell us about your latest album Tritonia 002. Is there a theme or anything special you want to tell us about the album, or any obstacles you've faced?

Tritonia is a place of refuge, a place of solace and a musical experience we take our Tritonians on each and every week. The sound is emotional, uplifting, energetic and sexy. We try and give our fans a break from the monotony of life through sound. That's the theme.

Tritonia 002 is a compilation album, so its a mix of tracks we hand selected from our label Enhanced Music. We're so proud of all of the producers and DJ's whom help put this together, it turned out fantastic in our opinion. Tritonia 002 is on iTunes, Spotify, Beatport and more right now!

4. Are you guys playing any big festivals this summer (EDC, Tomorrowland)?

We don't have the liberty of revealing those details just yet... We just wrapped up Seasons Festival in Vancouver and Euphoria Festival in our hometown of Austin, Texas. Dreamland in Manila, Phillipines and Life In Color in San Diego are both up next!

5. Who was your musical idol when you were younger?

Ahh, we went through so many phases of musicality its hard to say just one band or act. It ran the gamut of hip hop acts like Pharcyde, Tribe Called Quest and Outkast to bands like Tool, U2, Coldplay and more. We've always immersed ourselves into music, these days its guys like Nils Frahm, Jon Hopkins and on the EDM tip we're super fans of Galantis :)

Still need tickets to Life in Color San Diego? You can grab tickets at this link before they sell out!

--Molly Reports