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The Top 5 DJs to See at Coachella 2016

March 24, 2016 - by Molly Sinclair

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda

Arguably the most anticipated music festival in the United States, Indio's Coachella Music Festival 2016 is finally right around the corner. With a lineup of musical acts ranging from living legends to obscure up and comers, the Coachella flyer always seems to break the internet upon its release.

Since electronic dance music is our specialty at Eventvibe, we've narrowed down the list of Top DJs to see at Coachella 2016. We've left out noteable electronic acts like Goldroom and Rufus Du Sol, who will be playing with a live band and therefore not DJs, but still worth seeing nonetheless.

5. Disclosure

Beginning our list is the evolving DJ duo Disclosure, whose trendsetting sound has paved the way for other house music artists to enter the landscape after their breakthrough releases in 2013. They haven't made as massive of a footprint in 2016 yet, but their performance at Coachella will showcase their newest album Caracal that features collaborations with The Weeknd, Lorde, and Sam Smith, among others. In other words, there's an epic possibility for surprise guest vocalists at this set - don't say we didn't warn you!

4. Mr. Carmack

Holding down the bass scene on our list is the underrated but heavy-hitting Mr. Carmack. Blending elements of dance music and hip hop, Carmack's sound is forward-thinking, almost too ahead of its time. Are we ready to let go of the cringe-worthy trap and dubstep leading the charts and embrace a more futuristic, meaningful style? Can we accept Carmack's beautiful mixture of ebbs and flows without stepping on hip hop's toes? Are you ready to sidestep to a funky selection of old school flavor, spacey drops and sporadic synths, while still getting your swag on? We sure are.

3. John Digweed

Though overlooked by uneducated newcomers, John Digweed is one of the most legendary musicians on the Coachella lineup. Mesmerizing but never monotonous, dark yet uplifting, Digweed's progressive beats are tantalizing enough to entertain you for hours and hours. The techno journey that Digweed takes you on will make you want to experience the set from start to finish, and you'll understand why this British producer was voted #1 DJ in the World by DJ Magazine in past years. If you haven't seen him play, make Digweed's performance a priority and get ready to feel all the feels.

2. Calvin Harris

Upon reading Calvin Harris' name, you definitely had one of two reactions: "Of course" or "Why?!". To be fair, the reason he is a top act to see on our list is not because 2015's "How Deep is Your Love" was at all groundbreaking, among other recent radio-friendly releases. Rather, Harris' career as a whole has led up to this moment, as the very first DJ to ever headline a day at Coachella. We cannot forget about the impact Harris has had on dance music through his fusion of disco, electro-pop, self-made vocals, and melodic house on early albums like I Created Disco or tracks like Deadmau5 collaboration "I'm Not Alone". With such a grand achievement, it's more likely that Harris would seize the opportunity to showcase a very special performance that could be one of the most talked about sets of the weekend.

1. Zhu

The mysterious Zhu is our number one DJ to see at Coachella, due to the near-guarantee that every set of his promises to be a great one. By that we mean he doesn't disappoint. Ethereal and mystifying, every track Zhu transitions into is well planned, calculated and chosen wisely. With each shift in the set comes a new feeling, vision, and balance of up and down energy that every artist seeks to master. We saw this during Zhu's stunning sets at 2015's CRSSD Festival and 2014's HARD Day of the Dead. Evidently, even his performances are booked sparingly, making it a real treat when Zhu is seen on the bill. Furthermore, Zhu's music is paired with visual bliss - stellar projections and graphics - and we can only imagine how much of a spectacle this would be at Coachella.

Honorable Mention: Everyone at The Do Lab stage

Although The Do Lab lineup is yet to be released, the DJs booked every year pack a powerful punch of beats at arguably the most wild stage in the grass. Leaders of the underground festival community will be center stage, as well as pioneers of fun subgenres like future bass. Theatrical aerial performers and jesters create that eccentric Do Lab vibe. Most of all, The Do Lab stage always draws a high energy crowd of festival diehards, so don't neglect the hidden gem of the polo grounds!

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