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Interview with Thomas Gold: "It's Important to Have People Believe in You"

July 17, 2015 - by Alyssa Garcia

Coming fresh off an exciting show at Bassmnt nightclub in San Diego this past weekend, Thomas Gold has no intents to stop now. With an impressive tour this summer at EDC, Tomorrowworld and more, Gold is banging away shows around the globe. He even has a new track with Heather from Bright Lights, which she performed live at EDC. Listen below and read on for more details on Gold's upcoming tour!

Alyssa: First off, I would like to say thank you for an incredible show last Saturday! Your fans are always such a high-energy crowd, WE LOVE IT!

Also, congrats on the brand new release "BELIEVE" you have with Heather from Bright Lights! How did you two link up for the collab? What do you hope your fans take from this track?

Thomas Gold: I knew Heather from all her fantastic collaborations with Hardwell, Dannic, Dada Life and others. One day I asked her if she would be up for doing something together and said instantly "yes - let's do it!"

The idea behind 'Believe' is that everyone should have someone who believes in him. We should all believe in the efforts that others put into their lives and should support them for it, no matter what they want to do. Especially for artists (but not only for them) it's important to have people believe in you.

Something else I have seen on your radar is your contest to be the 'go pro" holder at your events, which is awesome by the way! How did this kind of contest come about? How has it been going so far?

The idea behind this is to give people the chance to experience a a very special day at one of my shows this summer. It's my way of saying that I believe in my fans and give them the opportunity to believe in themselves by being part of a creative project. Since this was supported by GoPro, we felt we should make this on a bigger scale an invite fans from various shows to follow me around. The reaction has been overwhelming to far. I'm really looking forward to all the footage.

You also just finished up with EDC a couple weeks ago, how was that trip for you? Is EDC one of those events you look forward to yearlong?

As always, EDC was absolutely mind blowing. The energy of the crowd was insane, every track I played was anticipated in the best way possible. Plus, when Heather entered the stage at the end of my set and we performed 'Believe', I knew the track was there where I wanted it.

For the next couple months you are touring quite a few places! TomorrowWorld is one of your last tour dates. Do you like to usually end your tour with a festival? Is it somewhat like 'going out with a bang" and then getting back to the music producing business?

No doubt about it, having TomorrowWorld in your schedule is definitely something to be very happy about. I mean, the festival is such a fantastic production and it feels like being in another world. I wouldn't say that a festival needs to close a tour, but it sure is a great way to once again be able to connect with a lot of people and be able to give back to fans who have been following you around for a lot of shows.

Before TomorrowWorld I see you go back to your home country of Germany for a couple of shows. I know you aren't playing in Berlin but do you like to take time and enjoy being closer to home when you go back there?

Oh, I HAVE played in Berlin a few weeks ago and it was crazy! And yes, I love the city and due to having my studio in Berlin, it's definitely my get away spot #1. I feel a great connection when I play in Germany. Not because I'm German, but because the musical world is a different one. People have seen a lot of different genres take the lead, I think the German audience is very well educated. Plus, there is a very strong and huge fanbase for festivals and club shows for the more commercial dance genres growing in Germany and it's great to be part of that each year.

Back in April you did an Asia tour, which we hear from a lot of artists is one of their favorites places to play. They always say the crowds there are so different from the states but their love for music is the same. What would you say is your favorite place to tour?

Haha, yes, Asian crowds are insane. The energy is at an all-time high when you arrive and it seems to stay there for the rest of the night. They are still very young compared to other crowds, but this gives me as an artist and as a dj the chance to build something over the years. I've been on Asia tours for a couple of years now and the dance scene there seems to be growing stronger than ever. Something I really appreciate is their incredible kindness and gratitude they bring towards you as an artist.

Lastly, lets loop this all together and bring back up your producing. I know 2010 was the year you really boomed onto this scene; how do you think you've grown musically since then? Also, how do you keep the love for music alive and create new material year after year?

I personally went through a lot stages within music production. But that's due to my personal musical nature. I just love trying out things and I have always felt appreciated when doing so. There's a lot of music coming up, some tracks might feel different to the listener. It's this diversification that I can honestly say has made me the artist I am today. And I feel my fans have understood that and are eager to take this road along with me. It's their feedback, that keeps me creative and focused on what I love about my job.

Thanks for taking your time to talk to us Thomas! I hope you have a fantastic rest of your 2015 year and we hope to have you back in San Diego soon.

Thanks for having me!

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