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Interview with Thomas Gold: How to Produce Music on Tour, Finding Inspiration, and What It's Really Like to Tour America

August 4, 2016 - by Kayle Kvinge and Molly Sinclair

Last month, we sat down with Thomas Gold, the producer hailing from Berlin who's had quite a busy year. Traveling all over the world, from playing Ultra Music Festival in Korea to the club capital Ibiza, Gold even finds time to produce new music, including his new single "Saints & Sinners".

Check out our interview with the candid artist who talked about what he really thinks about touring in America (we interviewed him around Independence Day), collaborating with fellow producers in the dance music scene, and the biggest piece of advice he would give aspiring musicians.

Eventvibe: Did you have any particular influences or inspiration for your single Saints & Sinners?

Thomas Gold: The music was inspired a lot by Indie Rock/Pop Music, I love bands like Radiohead, Coldplay etc. For Saints & Sinners, I wanted to create a little bit of a similar vibe and as I also love real instruments, I used a lot of organs and e-pianos for Saints & Sinners. We even had a guitar player recording some tracks for the production. It gives it this special ‘vibe’!

>> Download Saints & Sinners here!

EV: You worked with M.BRONX on Saints & Sinners, can we expect more collaborations on the album? If so, can you give us some hints to who they are and how it was working with them?

TG: Yes! On the album, there will be loads of collaborations with singers, actually most of the songs will be based on real songs we wrote together in a bunch of writing sessions, in LA and here in Berlin. There are some known and some unknown names on the list, but that’s all I can say at this time ;-)

EV: You’ll be in New York for the Ship Faced Boat Party on July 3rd. Will you be spending 4th of July there? As a German, what do you think of how we Americans celebrate our Independence Day?

TG: I would love to spend some more time in NYC, especially for some of the 4th of July celebrations. I really love the way the Americans celebrate their holidays, it’s always fun! But as I have a pretty busy work and production schedulefor the album, I have to go back to Germany already on the 4th. So I will spend most of the the day on a plane, but will defo have a glass of wine to celebrate (lol).

EV: Your radio show, Fanfare, celebrated its 200th episode not too long ago. Did you do anything special to celebrate this milestone? Where do you see Fanfare radio moving from here?

TG: I was super happy that we reached episode 200! To celebrate this a bit and to give something back to my fans and listeners, we gave away some very special VIP lifetime passes for my shows - and it’s absolutely great to see that all of the winners show up regularly at my gigs, I know them personally of course and if there is time, we always have a chat and a drink together.

EV: While you are on tour, is it hard to find time to produce music? Does production take a timeout while touring or does touring inspire you more to produce?

TG: I try to get some stuff done on the road, but actually I am a studio guy. I need a proper set of monitor speakers and i need a room for myself to focus on the music. I can do work on planes, at airports or in hotel rooms, but there is always something going on next to you, noises and people. Mostly I do mashup, edits and technical stuff like re-arranging songs when I am on the road. And if I need to get a production done while on tour, I normally rent a studio for a day or two (or more).

EV: While on tour in America, I’m sure you come across some very interesting things. What are your least favorite, as well as most favorite thing about America?

TG: Oh yes, loads of interesting things! Mostly I love the diversity of foods you can get when you travel, and America has so many great and interesting things you can get, be it super cool restaurants, street food or just crazy ice cream (haha). The only thing I’m not a fan of is the bad food you get at the airports (but this is the same all over the world…)

EV: Is there any new artist on the rise that you would like to work with in the future? If so, who and why? What is it that sticks out to you the most about that artist?

TG: There is no one I would point out, but there is definitely a lot of really cool new and fresh names, I’m always surprised how many new young producers we saw popping up in the last couple of months, Exciting times i think!

EV: Do you have any advise for young producers and DJs trying to make it in the industry? How were you able to get into the spotlight when you were an aspiring producer?

TG: Be patient and take your time. To develop your skills and to find your very own kind of style. Do not just copy other peoples’ productions, labels (and the fans) are not looking for this. Some things might take a while and it can be a lot of work (it defo is!), but at the end it is worth it. Be yourself and be passionate about the music!

EV: Is there any stop on your tour that you are most excited for? Perhaps a regular favorite or a city you haven't been to yet?

TG: I just played Ultra in Korea for the first time, that was crazy! Also last weeks Ushuaia party in Ibiza was one of the summer highlights. I’m looking forward to coming back to India after a couple of years, next week and there is a lot of cool US shows coming up! And of course - I’m excited for NYC!!!

Photos courtesy of Thomas Gold

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