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This Revolutionary Tent Blocks Heat and Light So You Can Actually Get Sleep at a Festival

November 3, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

Whether you're camping at a festival or just enjoying the great outdoors, it's apparent that getting good sleep in a tent is a struggle.

Although the hotter months are prime time for camping and traveling, the rising climate makes it difficult to get decent shut-eye in the morning, which can make you groggy the rest of the trip. When the sun emerges around 7AM, your tent begins to turn into an oven, and climbs to dangerous temperatures after 9AM. Poor insulation, material that absorbs the sun, and little light protection are the issues that force you to get out of your tent early when all you want to do is rest.

So, you can fix this problem by sleeping during the night, right? WRONG! If you're camping at a festival, some of the best acts happen at night, and you might not get to bed until sunrise. Let's be real.

However, there is finally good news for campers in 2015, and it is about to transform your camping experiences forever.

The Siesta4 Tent is a revolutionary tent that implements heat and light reflective material to keep you dark and cool when the sun is out. It's a 4-person tent that is made from a "specially developed lightweight, durable, waterproof fly fabric that reflects infrared, visible, and ultraviolet light."

But wait, it gets better. The Siesta4 features up to two USB-powered fans that install in the side vents of the tent. That's right, in addition to being dark and cool in your tent, there's a FAN to keep you ventilated.

When I stumbled across the Kickstarter fundraiser for Siesta4, I thought the tent was too good to be true, and looked for the catch. However, I'm happy to share that not only does the tent protect you from harsh sunlight, but it is durable for winter weather as well. The double-walled design protects the inner tent from rain, wind, and cold, so you can use the tent year-round.

At this point you are probably thinking, where and how can I order this tent?! The coolest part about all this is that the Siesta4 is a reasonably priced gem, which you can pre-order now through Outback Logic's Kickstarter campaign. They have already reached their goal of $100,000 to fund the manufacturing, but still have further goals to reach for additional tent features like dust filters and fan thermostats. If you pledge money to the Kickstarter campaign before it ends November 10th, your tent will arrive by April 2016 - just in time for next year's festival season!

Outback Logic LLC is a U.S. company founded by Gareth Price, Sally Slarke, and Brandon Beck. The idea for Siesta4 was born when Gareth was camping at a festival in the Australian outback, and realized how huge the potential was for a heat-reflective tent. After extensive research, development, and testing, the vision became a reality.

In other words, Siesta4 was created by festival goers, for festival goers, which is a breath of fresh air. I think I speak for everyone when I say, I can't wait to experience festivals in 2016 without feeling like a zombie!

Link to Kickstarter

Link to Website

--Molly Reports

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