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Shpongle Brings Trippy Vibes to San Diego with Phutureprimitive

March 11, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

Next Tuesday, March 17, while party revelers in the Gaslamp Quarter frolic in festive green colors for St. Paddy's Day, psychedelic sounds will be permeating through the air in the dark depths of House of Blues San Diego.

The trippy UK group known as Shpongle will be headlining the other-worldly show on Tuesday night, open to all ages. The global group is a pioneer in the psybient genre - a style of music combining fast and heavy psychedelic trance with smooth ambient beats.

Since 1996 the duo began transforming western synthesizer-based music with worldly vocals, thus appealing to all. Simon Posford (also known as Hallucinogen) contributes the studio work and live instruments to create the unique sound, while Raja Ram (part of the Infinity Project) offers his musical ideas and flute arrangements.

The Shpongletron 3.1 Tour will feature an insanely trippy visual set up and stage designed by Zebbler, who also toured with EOTO. The "Shpongletron" designed by Zebbler has a DJ booth surrounded by pixel mapped LED screens and infinity mirrors. The huge Shpongle Mask is also a 3D projection surface, with many more structures in store. Unless you've been to a show on the 2015 tour already, you will definitely be in for a few special surprises when it comes to the Shpongletron 3.1 stage.

Another exciting aspect of the show - bass music DJ Phutureprimitive will be supporting Shpongle on the tour. After seeing Phutureprimitive headline Gem and Jam Festival last month, and end the festival with melodic dubstep, I was ecstatic to hear that he will be coming to San Diego. The beautiful dark bass of Phutureprimitive transitioning into a surreal psychedelic realm that is Shpongle will blossom into an ethereal atmosphere on Tuesday night.

Are you ready to expand your mind, your consciousness, and feel the euphoric energy on Tuesday?

Presale tickets are still available on at this link.

--Molly Reports