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4 Things We'll Remember Pumpkin By

March 28, 2016 - by Molly Sinclair

Photo by Daniel Zetterstorm

When someone special to us passes away, it is easy to focus on the bad news; the terrible loss of a precious life. However, it is important that we celebrate the richness of the beautiful life that this special person lived, and recognize the incredible mark they have made on the world.

DJ / producer Pumpkin, Nicholas Alvarado, was an inspiring individual in the dance music community and to those who knew him personally. His sudden passing this weekend has affected many, but his art and spirit will keep shining bright.

Thus, let us celebrate the gifts Pumpkin left behind! Here are four magical things we'll remember Nick by.

Photo by Arturo Everitt

4. One-of-a-Kind Nostalgic Sets

Seeing Pumpkin play is like revisiting your childhood, getting a music history lesson, and hearing new, innovative sounds - all at the same time. From his happy-go-lucky Jackson 5 remixes to his spin on Ferris Bueller anthem "Oh Yeah", Pumpkin was the king of nostalgia. His silly remixes would make you laugh and remember why we go to these shows: to have fun. Yet besides the whimsical antics, Pumpkin had a great ear for music that would hit you in the feels, when he would drop renditions of "Aint No Sunshine" and The Doors' "Riders on the Storm". Although each set was different than the last, you could always count on Pumpkin to wow your senses with his feel-good music that was undoubtedly one-of-a-kind, and you'd tell yourself, "I need this track!"

3. The Unmatched Vibes

With funky sounds came an incredible vibe from the crowd - 100 percent guaranteed, every time. When you remember Pumpkin's performances, you remember the music, but you also reflect on the glow emanating from the lively crowd. Smiles, color, laughs, and high energy are all parts of the experience of a Pumpkin set. Each uplifting track inevitably created a vibe that connected people, encouraging approachable spirits and welcoming sentiments. When everyone in the crowd would get down to those eccentric beats, we all became friends, no longer strangers.

Photo by Arturo Everitt

2. That Goofy Smile

Living his dream of playing music for the community, we all knew Pumpkin by his goofy expressions and silly smiles. Although he had powerful character, his fun-loving demeanor and art reminded us to not take life so seriously. He always seemed happy and excited to play for the crowd, no matter what. As his career blossomed, Pumpkin maintained his humble spirit, making us laugh and rock some goofy smiles ourselves.

Photo by Louis Fisher

1. His Message of Love

The number one thing we'll remember Pumpkin by was his constant, underlying message of love. Through his music, his words and his energy, everything Pumpkin did and achieved was with love. Seeing him spin at festivals, listening to the music he released, reading the words he wrote and realizing the vibes he created, we see this common theme of unconditional love permeating from his life. He left his friends, family, and fans much too soon, but not to worry, as his legacy of love will last for eternity. Let us remember to celebrate it!

"I feel like my dream has already come true."

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