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5 Essential Steps to Surviving Life in Color, World's Largest Paint Party

April 14, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair
[UPDATED: Feb 18, 2016]

Paint parties are not a totally new thing, but Life in Color Tour takes the concept to the next level. Not only is LIC the largest paint party in the world, but also features world-class DJs performing at every show, while thousands of ragers get sprayed with dripping colors.

After hearing all this, you may be curious to see what the festival is about - but how can you prepare for the paint blast? From attending the event every year, I have come up with a checklist to ensure you make it out alive. There are many important factors you might not think of, so don't miss any of these!

1. Protect your phone.

You want to protect your phone from potential paint blasts, but you also want to be able to use it to text your friends at the event. What can you do? Ziploc bags don't keep the paint out completely, they are nowhere near stylish, and you might not even have a pocket to put it in. Don't worry, because I have a solution for you that I have tested myself.

To protect your phone, credit cards, license, ticket, and anything else that will fit, you can purchase a waterproof phone pouch online (Amazon) for less than $10. It hangs around your neck so it's hands-free, and you do not have to take your phone out to use it. With a touch screen phone, it worked completely through the plastic.

I used the phone pouch for 3 days when I was hopping around pools in Palm Springs. At first, I was hesitant to dip completely in the water, even though it was waterproof. But I assure you, everything in the pouch stayed completely dry, even underwater. Paint, no problem!

2. Take a party bus to and from the event.

At most music festivals, you can rely on taking a cab after the event or appointing a designated driver. However, most people don't realize that after the world's largest paint party, no driver is going to want to pick you up covered in paint! Instead, take a party bus to and from the event that is already planning on picking up paint-covered partiers. Plus, no one has to drive or pay for parking, and you can arrive in style to the event.

3. Wear the proper shoes.

At Life in Color, the paint will wash out of your clothes. However, you may not be able to wash it out of your shoes (how do you even wash shoes?). Instead, you can grab cheap and comfortable shoes at Rite Aid or CVS for $12. If they get ruined, you won't be out much money! If their shoes seem too plain for your killer outfit, check out our DIY Fashion blog to get tips on how to easily spruce them up.

4. Wear goggles or sunglasses.

Unless you're in the front rows, it's not like you're going to be slimed like a Nickelodeon show the entire night. Performers spray paint out of water guns, and festival attendees can buy paint bottles, but you won't be swimming through paint. However, you will still want to protect your eyes for everything. A pair of cheap sunglasses does the trick, or an old pair of swim goggles, if you are one of those crazy front row-ers. You'll pass the 'prepared test' with flying colors!

5. Bring a disposable camera.

With all the epic madness happening at Life in Color, you'll want to capture these one-of-a-kind moments. To take pictures, you might have a waterproof GoPro or even the waterproof phone case I described above. However, bringing a disposable camera to the event instead might ease your concerns rather than taking your camera or phone that costs hundreds of dollars. A throwaway camera doesn't need a case, so nothing will be blocking the lens, and they are incredibly cheap. It will be fun to snag some candid shots and see how they develop later, old school style!

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Photos by Life in Color Tour, Jeremy Wassink, and Neon Vision Entertainment for

--Molly Reports


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