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Interview with LOUDPVCK: Crazy Fan Moments, Bursting the Trap Bubble and Partying with the King of Dubstep

June 17, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

In the second installment of our Bassrush series, I got the chance to interview the boys known as Loudpvck in preparation for Eventvibe's show featuring 12th Planet, Loudpvck, and Kove this Thursday in San Diego.

As the two L.A. producers pioneer the bass music scene in the U.S., they shared with me their thoughts on whether the trap bubble was bursting, the craziest fan moments they've ever had, and what it's really like to tour with the American "King of Dubstep", 12th Planet.

Who were the first dance music artists that got you interested in the scene?

RYAN: Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Stuart Price.

KENNY: The earliest dance music I can remember buying with my own money was Justice "Cross", but I never saw myself actually making it until I heard acts like Lunice and Baauer for the first time.

What has it been like being on tour with the OG 12th planet? Any experiences you want to share?

RYAN: It's been so fun. We get drunk and do back to back sets every night. John is one of the best technical DJs I know.

KENNY: John is never boring for a single second. He is an unbelievable DJ and an even better wingman. I hope we still have as much energy and drive as he does after being in the game for so long!

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What are some of the craziest fan moments you've had?

RYAN: In Vancouver one kid brought an 18 inch glass on glass bong backstage...never seen that before or since. Shout out that guy.

KENNY: One time a fan hit us up to party after a show and had a gigantic greenroom / weed farm in his garage, that was tight [laughs].

Do you think the trap bubble is bursting or expanding?

RYAN: Both. The genre is getting more mainstream with a lot of popular trap songs getting movie and commercial licensing placements. On the other hand, the cool factor of the more underground songs is getting lost. What I call soundcloud trap isn't as exciting to me right now as it was two or three years ago.

KENNY: The term has obviously died down heavily. From what I can see all the artists who came from that sub genre have done their best to be versatile so they aren't depending on the "trap bubble". Personally we don't think about genres on stage or in the studio, we just know what we like and go for it!

Do you have any new releases or remixes coming our way? What can we look forward to?

KENNY: We have a collab with Zeds Dead, a collab with 12th Planet, and a brand new 4 song EP all on the way for early this summer! It's #HURT season!

What are your favorite activities besides doing music?

RYAN: Watching soccer, playing chess, listening to Howard Stern, sleeping.

KENNY: Probably talking about music or thinking about doing music.

What's the first thought in your head when you think of San Diego?

RYAN: Pool party!

KENNY: That it translates to "A Whales Vagina" in Spanish.

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--Molly Reports


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