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Desert Hearts Brings Love Movement Back for Spring Festival 2017

January 11, 2017 - by Molly Sinclair

Photos by Kayleb Kirby

After a brief winter hiatus, Desert Hearts Festival returns to its Southern California homeland this Spring with a stronger ethos than ever before, March 31st thru April 3rd.

Yet the decision to skip the winter fest last November certainly did not come from a place of complacency. On the contrary, the jubilant crew of musicmakers and party pioneers have been fervently doin' the most as they continue to bolster the Desert Hearts brand as a house(&techno)hold name.

The City Hearts "Winter is Coming" Tour has been making its rounds since December 3rd, and not just on the West Coast. With a big launch at Brazil's Som and Sol Festival, to last weekend's Ocaso Festival in Costa Rica, and of course the wild shows all over the States, the DH team continues to spread their contagious vibes and unpredictable beats around the globe.

A significant reason why fans flock back to the Los Coyotes Reservation even in its fifth year is due to the omniscient Love Movement perpetuated by Desert Hearts. While each attendee harbors their own idea of what that love movement is, I would best describe it as a sense of belonging and comfort. Like a cult gathering, the intimate festival is capped at 3500 people (with the majority being returners), giving it an exclusive and close-knit feel: belonging. More importantly, the positive energy from the artists and the equal treatment of all (no VIP areas or stage rules) blend well with the guarantee that the music doesn't stop for 3 days to create one constantly uplifting mood: comfort.

Another elusive element that distinguishes Desert Hearts from the rest and keeps feet dancing back every time is the commitment to treating every event with the same care and effort. If you've been to a night of the City Hearts tour, you know that the crew makes it seem just as meaningful and influential as the epic Festival itself. Holding each and every show in the highest regard, whether it is hosted at a massive venue or a low key nightclub, makes every moment count. It makes every single person there feel like they matter, that they are worth the first-rate tracks, the most tenacious energy, and the unparalleled experience, from the first to the last night of the tour.

And this is what makes every Desert Hearts event so memorable. In short, the gatherings have what other companies covet - personality! The non-stop music, never-ending smiles, the urge to out-do the previous events, the snug one-stage setting... it all melts together to form a one-of-a-kind experience that you can't earn anywhere else.

Though the festival reaches sell-out with every edition, the decision to cap the attendance and stay true to its personality will only solidify the fan loyalty, paired with constant new releases from Desert Hearts Records and the like. It's a terrific recipe for success that favors the experience over the money, perhaps because the DH crew is right there, partying with us. After all, they said it themselves - We Are All Desert Hearts.

Spring Festival Information

Desert Hearts Spring Festival returns March 31 to April 3, with 72 hours of non-stop house, techno, and love. The venue, Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, is a beautiful forest oasis located one hour east of San Diego.

The 21+ event features one stage, one vibe with a fresh lineup of artists that is soon to be announced. The Leave No Trace festival includes camping on-site, and though the RV and car passes sold out in minutes, everything within the venue is close walking distance.

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Check out a recap video of last year's Spring Festival:

Last but not least...
Read our Review of last year's event HERE!

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