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6 Questions with Dada Life: "Music is a Way Out of the Madness"

December 8, 2016 - by Molly Sinclair

Whether you know them for their overly rambunctious banana and champagne parties, their heavy electro beats, or their dark humor-filled music videos, you know Dada Life has assumed the role as the loveable class clowns of dance music.

Yet after speaking with duo, set to headline Eventvibe's Infinity NYE with the likes of EDM favorites Dillon Francis and Flux Pavilion, I experienced a more personal, heartfelt side of Sweden-born Stefan and Olle, whose message is one of positivity.

Check out the 6 brief questions with the trendsetters, touching on everything from their roots in underground techno and punk bands to the latest parties that got out of hand in 2016 - exactly one century after the "Dada" era.

1. You're headlining New Year's in San Diego at Infinity NYE hosted by Eventvibe! When you think of San Diego... what comes to mind?

Wow, so much! But probably mostly the fact that San Diego is a really nice place with nice people that we love to come back to. You know, when we first started playing in USA a few years back San Diego was one of the first places we went to. So it's a place where we have lots of great memories.

2. On past tours, you handed out masks with smiles to everyone in the crowd, with smiles being a common theme in your music ("One Smile"; "Cookies With a Smile"). What was the reason behind giving out smiles to the audience?

If people aren't happy enough, we make them happy. It's all about happiness. And that is always relevant.

3. Your performances have a happy-go-lucky vibe, but many tracks appear to have dark and twisted qualities. Are there underlying meanings within each track that have a deeper significance than listeners might realize?

The world can be a really fucked up place. That's especially true today. Music is the strongest alternative to that - and can function as a way out of this madness. It doesn't need to be more complicated than that.

4. Which musical scene first really got you involved with dance music? Additionally, guessing from your sound - are you big rock music fans?

Several scenes actually. Both Stefan and me come from a dance music background which means the Swedish underground techno scene in the 90's and early 2000's. On top of that I also come from a DIY/punk-world, playing in bands and all that.

5. Exactly one hundred years ago, the "Dada" era began around 1916 and was described as an absurdist art movement. What is your definition of absurdity?

In this case I let everything we do speak for itself - pillow fights, letters to governments, the actual music - it's stronger than any words I could come up with.

6. Your sets are known to be the wildest parties in dance music! Has anything ever happened at a show where you actually thought it was getting out of hand?

Many times. We plan everything properly and then we start the show… and stuff starts falling apart. That's part of the fun. You never know where it's taking us!

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