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4 Things You'll Gain at a CITY HEARTS Party (San Diego Review)

April 16, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

On a warm Saturday night in April 2015, the Desert Hearts crew brought their notorious City Hearts party to San Diego for 12 hours. Spin Nightclub was a prime choice of a venue, with its fun-house style layout and multiple levels to lose your mind at (the roof being my favorite).

As the moon danced around the earth, the sun started to creep up at 6 AM to get a taste of the action. But the souls of San Diego weren't done just yet. DJs Mikey Lion, Porkchop, and Lee Reynolds blasted off the party in the main room, while Kevin Anderson and Rybo made the Sunrise Room a special treat. However, several more DJs brought the best beats to the party from Marbs and Deep Jesus to a Desert Hearts close out ending at 9AM.

After hitting up City Hearts LA in February and now City Hearts San Diego, unofficial home of the DH crew, I've compiled a list of four magical things you'll gain at a City Hearts Party!

4. Musical Standards

Before experiencing a City Hearts Party, I didn't know how much I loved house and techno. I've been to countless undergrounds and house music parties, but I always wished it was a little... darker. Yet the Desert Hearts crew finally leaves my need for disturbia satisfied. Over the course of 12 hours, the artists take the darkest tracks from the abyss of the underworld and play them all night in a genius sequence, implanting little gleeful surprises throughout each set (Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" remix?!).

Thus, after realizing that you can attend a dance music event for 12 hours (or 72, if you go to the DH Festival) without hearing a dull track or a repeat, you will leave with high musical standards. It may be hard to lower them after that, and you'll be that unamused guy or gal scoffing at the repetitive tracks at EDM pool parties all summer.

3. Friends

"We are all Desert Hearts," claims the event's slogan. What does this mean?, you think to yourself. I've never been to Burning Man though...

Not to be taken literally, the phrase refers to the equality experienced by the artists, the fans, and media at every Desert Hearts event. There is no VIP area, no separate entrance - rather, the collective mindset that the event was made for everyone.

In this sense, you will gain tons of friends at a City Hearts party! In addition to the welcoming vibe described above, City Hearts is awesome because everyone is more local. At the Spring Fest I met people from all over, which was beautiful, but I probably won't meet up with those cats from Oregon anytime soon. Although I started to get tired from a long day of work and fitness before dancing all night, it seemed like everyone wanted to meet me, to talk to me, and it was incredibly more inclusive than any other other "PLUR" dance music event I've been to.

2. Stamina

Speaking of being tired... You will power up your stamina like a level 60 Pokemon after attending a City Hearts party. Unlike a campout festival, you'll learn to suck it up and not tread back to camp during an epic set, since, uhhh... there is no camp at a City Hearts event. Yes, there's always a dope cushioned area to sit and vibe with your fellow family, but you won't want to. City Hearts compresses the experience of a Desert Hearts festival into a more intimate space, where you'll gain the stamina to give it your all in one night. The vibe is contagious, and the music will keep your nerves pulsing all evening. House and techno - what a great workout for your little heart!

1. Hope

From gaining these high musical standards, like-minded friends, and stamina only a music lover could hold, you will also gain one more important thing: hope.

After a City Hearts party you will have hope for the dance music scene, that house and techno music is flourishing and only continuing to evolve.

You will have hope for the people and the underground, that the renegade vibe is still alive and the people are still friendly; you still belong!

And finally, you will have hope that you have a purpose and meaning on this earth, just in case you were doubting it, because you still hold a flaming desire for art, music, and a good time. Don't stop now. You're on fire.

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--Molly Reports