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An Interview with Cena Stardust: Silk Fan Mystic

March 14, 2016 - by Molly Sinclair

Elusive. Mesmerizing. Mystical. Beautiful.

Cena Stardust's performance art can be described in many ways, but never defined. Her mysterious energy will seduce your senses, while your heart feels a deep passion behind her craft as you watch her move upon the stage.

Photo courtesy of Galen Oaks

Cena (real name: Celina Anderson) is a Southern California-based flow artist, specializing in hoop dance and silk fan mysticism. She is a humble dancer that seems to possess more talents than she admits, like spinning fire and telling stories with each theatrical performance.

The eloquent performer has danced at several of the top campout music festivals, from Do Lab's Woogie Weekend to the Gem and Jam PreParty, for artists like Random Rab and An-ten-nae.

With festivals Serenity Gathering and Desert Hearts up next, Cena filled me in on the details of her unique craft.

Watch a video of her performance first:

Describe your flow arts to someone who has never seen your performance.

An expression of all that is.

Have you always been into fans and silks, or have you explored other flow arts?

I've always held a tender spot for silk fans but didn't begin experimenting with them until I was already a year into my flow arts. I first began with hooping then ventured deeper and discovered silk fans. I haven't been able to put them down ever since!

You've performed at incredible festivals like Desert Hearts the Gem and Jam Pre Party. How did you start performing at some of the most popular festivals?

I've always loved sharing my art with my friends and family so performing was my outlet for that. I reached out to my community to see where I could begin, and it was through the help of many kind souls that I was able to find that platform for performance arts.

Photo courtesy of Robert Stone Nadel

Is dancing your main gig?

It's something I always reserve a part of my day for. Whether it's professionally or just for fun, I always take time to groove it out.

Are your dances or costumes cultural in any way? How so?

My costumes draw much their inspiration from the 19th century artist Alphonse Mucha. His work focused on the beauty found in the symmetry and ornamentation in nature. I try my best to articulate that majesty into my pieces. My costumes and dance are my way of stating the importance of self acceptance. In a culture where the meaning of self love is so deeply misunderstood, it's important we take time reclaim our identity through creative expression.

Photo courtesy of Yelena Ivy

What first drew you toward dance? Was it something in your life at the time, or a feeling?

I grew up in a household where dance and any form of creativity was encouraged. Dance broke me out of periods of stagnation and was my way of physically manifesting the joy I felt on a daily. The thing that drew me to flow arts in particular was that it transformed dance into something that much more powerful. I saw the happiness it brought to others and I craved that bliss. It wasn't just shaking your booty to a good beat, but rather learning how to build a relationship of pure trust with yourself. I didn't know the meaning of self love until I began my flow journey.

What do you love most about this subculture music community?

Where do I begin?! The smiles, the constant encouragement to radically self express, the idea of giving just to share, and witnessing the pure beauty in coming together to create something beyond ourselves.

What are the next events you will be performing at?

Serenity Gathering and Desert Hearts in the Spring. Crossing my fingers for a few other opportunities as well.

Photo courtesy of Elestial Moon Photography

What is your favorite type of music to flow to?

There isn't a specific style of music that I focus on. Some days I feel like trotting around to Acid Pauli and other times I play nothing but The Cure. It's honestly whatever the mood is for the day.

Your stage name is Cena Stardust. Why did you choose this name?

Cena is a nickname that I've been addressed as even before I could walk. Stardust stems from my deep admiration for David Bowie. I began calling myself Cena Stardust around the age of 15 as my way of paying tribute to the man who changed my life for the better. David had many identities in his life but Ziggy Stardust burned a flame of inspiration so bright in my heart that still lingers today. Glitter and all.

Do you have any ritual or something you do before you go on stage and perform?

I stretch and laugh as hard as I can to remind myself not to take everything so seriously!

Photo courtesy of Jacob Avanzato

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