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Carl Craig & Techno: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Dancing With Us

April 9, 2015 - by Nicky Valentino


When one mentions the word used to describe the style of music deriving from singular use of electronic musical technology, a few things should instantaneously come to mind.

The Underground. The Experience. The Unity.

You might be asking yourself, "What do these three characteristics of techno have to do with Carl Craig?"


The Underground: Detroit has been known for its origin of "underground" techno culture ever since its inception in the early 1980s. Carl Craig, "The Motor City" native and longtime ambassador of techno music, has been performing in both DJ sets as well as "live" settings since 1989; a whopping 26 years of longevity and still going strong all thanks to support stemming from underground roots. Craig defies the common perception that the mainstream is the only way to be successful in today's music industry.

Considered one of the core elements of the Detroit techno scene, pictured below is Carl Craig (#24) alongside techno pioneers Derrick May (#18), Moodyman (#38), Juan Atkins (#17) and Richie Hawtin (#47).

The Experience: Techno has the power to convince non-believers and turn them into dedicated die-hards in the matter of an hour-long DJ set, something that Carl Craig is all too familiar with, considering his track record & extensive discography. He is known for remixing Jazz music and fusing it with his own eclectic style of techno, creating a unique experience for all to enjoy. Operating as the co-creator and artistic director of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Carl Craig may know a little thing or two about what experiencing techno is all about. Techno speaks the many languages of mankind but most importantly, techno speaks directly to our souls and says, "We don't care who you are or what color you may be. Let's dance baby".

The Unity: Techno has many themes within its core ranging from darkness, minimalism, space, love, and intelligence, just to name a few. Techno may be multi-faceted and diverse, but the single most powerful aspect about it is unity. As evidenced in his most recent collaborative album with fellow techno legend Green Velvet, Carl Craig expresses his theme of unity in the format of a seven song L.P.

Without any further ado, here are the 5 reasons why you should be dancing with us on Friday, April 10th at "Carl Craig: Presented by Eventvibe, Art of Sound, Siesta, Soul On Beat, and The Deep End".

5. You might not get the chance to witness a Grammy nominated DJ perform in such an intimate setting on a Friday night ever again in San Diego.

Carl Craig was nominated for a Grammy award in 2008 for his remix of the electronic duo Junior Boys song, "Like A Child".

4. His techno sets are legendary.

Witness it for yourself in this live performance during the "Boiler Room" sessions.

Filmed in Hamburg, Germany on December 11, 2014, Carl undoubtedly displays his prowess as an international superstar DJ & performer.

3. This will be an opportunity for the youth of San Diego to enjoy Craig in a highly intimate environment full of vibrant energy.

Carl Craig was most recently featured as the special guest for Disclosure's "Wild Life" series during the WMC gatherings in Miami this year, proving that his influence extends to the modern day youth of electronic music culture.

2. It's not often that you will get a chance to experience an accredited DJ who has performed with a classical orchestra.

Carl Craig performed with the famous Les Siecles Orchestra of Paris on August, 7th, 2008, once again displaying maximum versatility with his set of musical skills.

1. The vibes.

San Diego is known for its flourishing electronic music scene and this event will be one for the books that you surely do not want to miss. In true underground fashion, the location will be announced on the day of the event, alluding to the infamous "hotline" raves of our pastime.

So what else do you have to do on a Friday night besides sit at home, watch television and stare at your phone? In the words of famous LSD enthusiast and spiritual psychologist Dr. Timothy Leary, "Turn off, tune in, drop out."

Put the tablets and hand held devices on pause, open up your mind to the music, and experience the energy of melodic changes interpreted through music feeding into your soul.

Brought to you by: Eventvibe // Art Of Sound // Soul On Beat // Siesta // The Deep End

Tickets available at this link.