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Burners Share The Top 40 Festivals of 2015

March 20, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

Last week, the online community Burners.Me reposted a list of the 40 best North American festivals to attend in 2015.

The list was originally compiled by The Fancy Shop of Important Things, an online shop that makes homemade hats that are popular at these festivals, dubbed "Art For Your Head".

Both organizations are advocates of "The Burn" a.k.a. Burning Man, which takes place in the deep Nevada desert during the frayed coat-tails of August. However, if you don't have the time, funds, or lungs to attend the dusty devil that is Burning Man, these festivals will nourish you with similar vibes year-round to catch a taste of the culture.

Looking at the list, it's evident that most of the events take place during the summer months, a prime time for the weather, although it would've been cool to have a list from January to December. Also, it appears as if half the events are in California (surprise!) with only a couple events outside of the U.S. (Bass Coast and Shambhala in British Columbia, Canada). If the list was compiled last month, I'm sure it would have included Envision Festival in Costa Rica, for instance.

Of course, this is a very unofficial list of 2015 and I am just happy someone else did it for me...

That being said, there are definitely some surprises that shed insight on the differing perspectives between Burners, or just people in the general bass music community. One surprise to me was the presence of Coachella, the super-hyped corporate festival run by Goldenvoice, featuring radio artists and the like. Perhaps the presence of The Do LaB at Coachella catapulted it on this list, but I just didn't expect it to be in the same realm as Lucidity and Symbiosis Gathering. However, we also see Bonnaroo and What the Festival on the list, which don't necessarily give off a "burner" vibe but prove that its truly the music that matters.

What else does this list tell us? Well, it does remind me that I have to experience the natural beauty of Electric Forest in Michigan, before the magical forest is all cut down due to a potential beetle infestation. Additionally, I need to branch out of my comfort zone in California and go party with say, some folks in West Virginia! I also heard there's a tight hooper scene in North Carolina... and there are also several fantastic festivals in Arizona that didn't make this list but worth exploring (zonies!).

What are your thoughts on The Fancy Shop's list? Which is your dream festival?

Let us know in the comments below!

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--Molly Reports