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5 DJs You Have to See at Coachella 2015

April 8, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

One of the reasons why the word of the Coachella lineup gets people in such a frenzy is because of how versatile the range of musical artists is every year. You can literally rave the night away with 20 year old DJs like Madeon or head to the live stage to catch AC/DC with your grandma.

Thus, it's almost impossible to list the top acts of Coachella, so we narrowed down the list to what we know - the Top 5 DJs you should see at Coachella 2015.

5. Nero

In the past year, the British dubstep trio known as NERO has laid low on the radar. Not only were they almost completely silent for the half a year on social media, but they haven't played in the U.S. since HARD Day of the Dead 2013 (an epic set, by the way).

Does this mean NERO has faded out? No. It means that these electronic rock gods are plotting one of the biggest shows of their career. With an extremely anticipated new album, they will surely be playing some massive unreleased tracks at the most talked about music festival in the U.S. Since over half the tracks on their last album became hit singles, it's understandable that they've made us wait so long to emerge from the shadows - until now.

4. J.E.S.u.S.

Before you disregard this list because you've never heard of this Jesus fellow, realize that J.E.S.u.S. is a powerhouse project consisting of house music masters Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Skream, and Seth Troxler. Individually they each tear up the dance floor with their spacey house beats, but their only show so far has been at the Boiler Room broadcast in Ibiza.

Therefore, Coachella marks the American debut of the epic quad-experiment, and you can't miss it. If you're a house music fan, you'll probably have a 'chella-gasm. Even if you haven't dabbled much in the house genre yet, seeing four veterans at the same time at California's premier music festival is probably a good place to start.

3. Kaskade

Ok, so we've seen Kaskade a million times before, he hasn't transformed his sound from dreamy trance, and you only listen to indie trap now. I admit I thought the same way at first... but would you not go see The Rolling Stones because they hadn't changed their sound? No, you would go see them at Coachella with thousands of people because they are legendary! However, that's a bad example, because The Rolling Stones only play their own music, while DJs have access to all the vibes in the universe.

Kaskade has continued to amaze us over the years, to steal our hearts and our ears with new creations, bubbling up our emotions and making us remember what joy feels like again. Trust me, with the neo-soul, hipster punk and radio beats that you'll hear all weekend, it will be a nostalgic treasure to experience the unmatched act known as Kaskade.

2. The Gaslamp Killer Experience

As one of the pioneers leading the Los Angeles electronic music scene, The Gaslamp Killer is known to annihilate music festivals. His addicting, swaggy vibe absoulutely hypnotizes people at shows. You will look around and see perplexed spectators who have never seen him live, and right next to them, others who worship his existence. No doubt, he's proabably the weirdest artist you could see at Coachella!

At Coachella, GLK will be accompanied by a 12 piece ensemble known as the Gaslamp Killer Experience, with visuals by Strangeloop and art direction by Lucien Shapiro. Whether you dig his bassy / tribal / unpredictable sound or not, there's no denying that what he creates is art - and I can't even imagine what he's got up his sleeve for this one.

1. Odesza

Their story is nothing extraordinary - two college students started producing music that gained popularity on the internet - but nevertheless, Odesza was arguably the breakthrough electronic music artist of 2014. A very bold statement indeed, but their music delights the ears of all music fans across the world; their sunny beats are universal. Notice all the Odesza-sound-a-likes that are finally getting their big break?

However, will their dreamy sound be too light for Coachella? After seeing them steal the show at Goldenvoice's CRSSD Festival in San Diego, along with other sell out shows this year, the answer is no way! Odesza's ethereal visuals paired with their fresh sound will ultimately leave starry-eyed fans with the precious memory that history took place at Coachella 2015.

What DJs are you most excited for at Coachella?

Let us know in the comments below!

--Molly Reports