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Interview with An-ten-nae of Dimond Saints, Pioneer of Future Beats

January 11, 2016 - by Molly Sinclair

With every An-ten-nae track you're guaranteed two things: sounds you've never heard before, and deep, loud, ear-rattling bass.

Under his moniker An-ten-nae, producer Adam Ohana has taken his own route in the world of dance music, blending 808 styled bass beats with tripped-out vocals to create Acid Crunk, a vibe that anyone can get down to. Known for his sporadic live remixing during performances, An-ten-nae takes his experimental music to the next level, whether the audience is down for a swaggy, chillout, or hyped-up show.

In 2014 An-ten-nae hooked up with producer Releece to form the group Dimond Saints, a melodic bass duo from Oakland that is quickly gaining fans around the world with their future beats and sexy sound.

Upon hearing An-ten-nae's avant-garde tracks, one might wonder the musical process behind the radical music. I spoke with the DJ / producer about his journey in the music scene, as well as upcoming shows at the LA Gem and Jam Preparty this Friday as well as Costa Rica's Envision Festival.

Molly Reports: Antennas are devices that receive and send signals in the air... or Transmissions, like your latest album title. Why did you decide to name yourself An-ten-nae?

An-ten-nae: Music is also something that is transmitted and received. Music is also such a huge part of my life - you can say I live it, I breathe it. So the name seems fitting.

You've been releasing a lot of new music lately under an-ten-nae and Dimond Saints. What are some of your favorite tracks from 2015?

It's always such a hard question to pick a favorite. I am really vibing on the last Dimond Saints remix of Saint Wknd's "Lost". I also really like how An-ten- nae's "I Can't Wait" came out.

What made you want to start producing in the beginning and what style of music or scene were you a part of?

I was just a music junkie and wanted to be a part of anything with music, whether it was playing it or making it. In the beginning I would say I was part of the house music scene; I really loved the early wicked parties. I've always been open to all styles of music though.

Your group Dimond Saints with Releece is named after the Dimond district in Oakland, but you're originally from New York. Why Oakland?

I really like living in Oakland, and the Bay Area in general. There's some really good food sources nearby, an inspiring music scene, good nature, and decent weather.

You are headlining the A-bun-dance stage at LA's Gem and Jam Preparty this Friday. What makes this event special?

The A-bun-dance crew always throws down. They put a lot of love in their parties. I always know that when they are involved in a show, lots of people in the community will come out that usually don't. [More info and tickets to Re:Creation LA Gem and Jam Preparty hosted by Euphonic Conceptions]

There are so many layers to your music - dark, light, and intriguing. Where do you start with each track? Does it start with a feeling, a bassline, or something else?

Each song is different. Sometimes it's me just humming something in my head that I put down, and it evolves from there. Other times I start with a sick beat and fill the gaps. Usually it's a bassline or melody that's in my head.

Envision Festival in Costa Rica this February has both An-ten-nae and Dimond Saints on the lineup, just like last year! It must be pretty incredible to perform 2 years in a row. What can you tell us about this tropical festival?

The place is so beautiful and the crowd is from all over the world which gives it a nice international flavor. Oh, and the sunsets there are out of this world. Their giant jaguar stage last year was incredible. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us this year. So many people I know are going down. I can also use some sun and pura vida! [Read more about Envision Festival in Costa Rica]

There are so many extraordinary female vocalists on your tracks. If you could collaborate with any female vocalist, however mainstream or underground, who would it be?

Fever Ray - Bjork - Lorde - but really so many. I just love powerful woman vocals.

How about a fun question: tell me three random facts about yourself that fans might not know about you.

I have this weird thing with the number 13, which is my fave number. So I wind up having a lot of 13s in my number or multiples of it.

I love to cook exotic foods.

And I'm a closet vocalist.

Exotic foods? Like what? And what is a closet vocalist?

Exotic foods like seared wasabi infused butter scallops drizzled with caviar. Mmmm. And a closet vocalist is when you secretly put your own voice in a track.

The next Dimond Saints album will be the third and final chapter of the series. When is it coming out? Will it be the last Dimond Saints album?

We are working on this new EP/album called Prism in the Dark - its getting pretty close to done. We are really excited about this, and have been working on it for quite some time. Going to be something very special. Definitely won't be the last. We are just getting started and with each new song we discover more about ourselves and our path.

There is also a new An-ten-nae album that is half done. The future looks very bright. <3

Connect with An-ten-nae:

Website | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

--Molly Reports

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