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7 Questions with 12th Planet

June 18, 2015 - by Molly Sinclair

Raw, real, and grimy - 12th Planet, a.k.a. John Dadzie shows no mercy when he drops the bass. Touted as one of the artists responsible for the dubstep explosion in the U.S., 12th Planet has paved the way for the influx of dubstep, drum 'n' bass, and trap that continues to flow through the music scene.

For their last show of the tour, bass enthusiasts 12th Planet, Loudpvck and Kove will let our ears rest after one more heavy night in San Diego, hosted by Eventvibe and Bassmnt nightclub. After interviewing all three acts, it's no doubt that 12th is a legend in their book.

"John is never boring for a single second," dishes Kenny of Loudpvck. "He is an unbelievable DJ and an even better wingman. I hope we still have as much energy and drive as he does after being in the game for so long!"

Check out the interview below with 12th Planet, as I squeezed out 7 questions from the "American Dubstep King"!

7. How have things changed in the industry since you first started playing shows and helped launch SMOG in 2006?

In short, social media has become a vital component to becoming a successful artist nowadays versus 10 years ago.

6. What's new with SMOG records? Anything awesome to look out for?

We just released a Candyland record called "Murda". You can hear it here:

5. When you're trying to chill out... Which artists are your favorite?

I don't listen to music to chill out really. I play video games and watch TV!

4. And when you're turning up?

I turn up to the songs we made in the studio that week, or to the songs I get to play in my set!

3. Who is one hip hop artist you would love to have on a track that you haven't had yet?

I would love to do a record with ASAP Rocky, Drake, or Schoolboy Q. I think we could make some magic.

2. Got any secret practices that aid your creative process?

I play a lot of Clash of Clans, and watch Game of Thrones. I get a lot of inspiration from that stuff [laughs].

1. What can we expect at your show in San Diego? We are stoked to have you, Loudpvck and Kove here!

It's the last show of the tour, so you can expect to hear House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and Trap... all night long!

Click Here to Buy Tickets for Bassrush North America Takeover: 12th Planet, Loudpvck, and Kove

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--Molly Reports


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