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DJ Josh Hartley
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: San Diego CA
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About Me
EV Music & Eventvibe Goes To China!  EV Music DJ Josh Hartley makes his debut performance Friday July 10th Qingdao, China..........

My trip to China has been great, lots of cool sights, great food and super cool shops.  Funny thing here...about 8 million people in the city I was in...and only one traffic jam for about 5 minutes.
Originally I was supposed to play friday but the club wanted to get the word out to the locals and the regulars that DJ Josh as they call me, was back in town for his return visit to Feeling Club.

The night started off by some Dewars and Black Tea, really good...try it, then some watermelon.  I got in pretty close to my set time so I did not get to hear the whole opening set, but it was a lot of American music, hip hop and club classics, even a couple 80's tracks.  POP would be a great way to describe the look and feel.  Its very Chinese, very put together, very over the top with more lights, sparks, and choreographed dance than you can imagine.  Between each DJ about 6 dancers come out and dance in sync while the announcer fires up the crowd and lets them know who you are...upon my entrance, giant sparking fireworks were going, the dancers were dancing and the announcer was saying something with a heavy echo on it.

I grabbed the mic and said, "It's good to be back in Qingdao, get ready for a night to remember!  I am Josh Hartley, put your drinks in the air...Cheers to Feeling Club!"  It obviously sounded much different than that.  From there I did a little intro and started playing.  The crowd seemed to really enjoy the tunes.  I was supposed to play till 12:30 but they let me keep playing till 2. 11 till 2 is a good time to play out here...shit anywhere.  Weaved them in an out from some really good Tech house, into some Minimal/Techno into Progressive then back into some SLAMMING Tech and Electro and back around again.  It was a real pleasure to play at Feeling Club again and I was honored/floored by there more than warm welcome. 

Name on the screens throughout the club, EV logo up, logo up, pics from previous EV parties, wavehouse video, E spinning was a blast.  Big thanks to Tim, Bobby, Jo and the whole crew at Eventvibe/EV music, Dave Aude and DJ Dan for their constant support and influence.  Feeling Club, Song, Rina, Jinny and Jessica and Jackim.  And thank you to all those who enjoy my DJ sets and continue to support me...this is just the beginning. 

Josh Hartley (EV Music) In China from Johana Ortiz on Vimeo.


Thanks for checking my page, I am in the process of getting my shit together and updating this.
Glad to be a part of the EV crew and am looking forward to slamming it all summer.
Get ready...its gunna be good.

Stay tuned for more and keep your eye out for me at a club near you!


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