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Jun 8, 2009 By: Flash Famous @
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Latest Event Photos

David Guetta @ Ushuaia Ibiza
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
DYSTOPIA @ Ushuaia Ibiza
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
Night Swim @ Hard Rock Hotel S...
@ Hard Rock Hotel S.. in San Diego
Saturday Jun, 30th
Calvin Harris @ Wet Republic U...
@ Wet Republic in Las Vegas
Saturday Jun, 23rd
Shiba San @ Club Space
@ Club Space Miami in Miami
Saturday Jun, 23rd
Hot 100 with DJ Shift @ Wet Re...
@ Wet Republic in Las Vegas
Friday Jun, 22nd
"Let me tell you the 10 commandments about being a raver. #1: Know that old saying, 'Location Location Location'? Well that's dead right boys. #2: Gain entry by any means necessary. #3: Fear nothin'. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. #4: Send the word out to those who believe in it. #5: It's not where you're from. It's where you're goin'. #6: Reject the mainstream. #7: Find the best sound system. #8: The rule is never fail! #9: You have to make sure the musics bangin'. You can't have a revolution if the music isn't right. D'y'know what I mean boys? #10: It's your choice. Find your own voice. So what you up to now boys?"

I love
well raving obviously, dancing to anything, sweating, moving, laughing, loving, performing, observing, anticipation for a show, etc. (Oh and Buffy the Vampire Slayer ;P)