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Tribal Funk 15 Year Family Reunion

Saturday November 29th, 9:00pm - 7:00am
Venue: Mezzanine

San Francisco, CA
Ages: 21+ only
Mark Farina
Anthony Mansfield
Solar (Pacific Sound)
Tony Hewitt
Nikola Baytala
Bassbin Twins
City: San Francisco CA
Profile Visits: 21,373
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Tribal Funk 15 Year Family Reunion

Exclusive interview with Mark Farina (click here to read interview)

Back in 1993, a group of young ravers decided they wanted to make a difference in the Bay Area underground dance scene. At that time large, commercialized events were taking over the rave scene, promising the moon but rarely delivering half of what was on the flyer. DJ's weren't really booked, parties were getting broken up before midnight, and bad vibes were on the rise; so sick of being ripped off, these young ravers sent out an open invitation to anyone who wanted to contribute with the manifesto: "Let's get together and throw our own party. We can give people more for less, have a great time doing it, and maybe even make a few bucks."

So began Tribal Funk Productions.

November 29, 2009 marks the 15 year anniversary of Tribal Funk’s first event with a flash-back to their debut event—a Thanksgiving Weekend party—which will be blessed by two special guests in the main room, Mark Farina and the Bassbin Twins. And as if that were not enough, Tony, Nicola, Garth & Jeno round out the main room and Anthony Mansfield, M3, Galen, Solar, and J-Bird will be funkin up the mezzanine at Mezzanine.

Announcement: Tickets Give-away Contest Winner

Here are our winners:
Jamie Swing

Note to our winners: Your name will be on the Eventvibe Ticket Winners list for 2 tickets. Please go thru the will call / guest list window when you arrive to the event.

Exclusive Tickets Give-away Contest on

Eventvibe is giving away 5 pairs of tickets to this event. The contest is only open to registered members of so if you do not have an Eventvibe account, go to the account sign up page. To enter to win send a message to from your Eventvibe account with the subject "Win Tribal Funk 15 Year".

Please submit your contest entry by midnight Tuesday November 25. Winners will be announced on this page on Wednesday November 26. If you like to be notified by phone, leave your phone number with your entry, and we will send you a text message if you win. Your phone number will only be used for the purposes of notifying you for this contest. Each winner will receive 2 entrance tickets.

$15 Presale sold out!
Limited number of $20 presale tickets available now.
Door $25. $20 before 10:30pm.

More info and tickets to the event at

Click Here for photo coverage of Tribal Funk 11 Year Anniversary


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