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San Francisco LovEvolution: A Dance Music Parade & Festival 10/3/09

Saturday October 3rd, 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue: San Francisco Streets

San Francisco, CA
Ages: 21+ only
San Francisco

Eddie Halliwell
Donald Glaude
Alain Octavo
Mark Farina
Doc Martin
Syd Gris
DJ Rap
Lee Coombs
Menno de Jong
Green Velvet
DJ Dan
Lee Burridge
Blix Cannon
Andy Moor
Groove Armada
City: San Francisco CA
Profile Visits: 366,607
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San Francisco LovEvolution: A Dance Music Parade & Festival 10/3/09

Announcement: LovEvolution Give-away Contest Winner

Here are our winners:


LovEvolution Members Contest

We have 2 pairs of tickets to the LovEvolution VIP Party +  Afterparty on Saturday October 3rd, 2009.  Each winner will be on the guestlist +1 to LovEvolution festival, VIP Party at the Asian American Museum and on the guestlist +1 to the LovEvolution Official Afterparty at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

The contest is only open to registered members of so if you do not have an Eventvibe account, go to the account sign up page.  To enter to win send a message to from your Eventvibe account with the subject "Win LovEvolution Contest".

Please submit your contest entry by 12 noon Thursday October 1st.  Winners will be announced on this page by 5pm Thursday October 1st.  If you like to be notified by phone, leave your phone number with your entry, and we will send you a text message if you win.  Your phone number will only be used for the purposes of notifying you for this contest.

San Francisco's Love event evolves into LovEvolution

The organizers of San Francisco Love Parade & San Francisco LoveFest are pleased to announce the evolution of America's biggest dance music event : LovEvolution. An event born of the original Love Parade event in Berlin now carried over into going on 6 years of love events in our own city of love, San Francisco LovEvolution : A Dance Music Parade & Festival will carry it's beautiful beat back to the thousands who come to dance in the spirit of tolerance, respect, peace, justice, and yes evolution, and - yes love. Definitely time to evolve.

Why the name change?
There is another dance music event called 'The Love Festival' in LA, which San Francisco LoveFest had been peacefully co-existing with for a few years now. The promoter for that show felt there was too much brand confusion between our events, (the name of which they've trademarked). So, to avoid legal action, we agreed to evolve our name. We are still the same event thrown by the same team as the original Love Parade San Francisco back in 2004, so you can expect the same unique and wonderous celebration we've always had - call it what you want.

We've had to roll with some other changes this year as well (like a $10 entrance to the Civic Center Plaza festival). To get the full scoop please see the Details page

Last year over 100,000 peacefully enjoyed the parade down Market St and the festival at Civic Center. 30+ floats rocked every style of beat and we raised money for a myriad of non-profit organizations. We look forward to evolving this love with you. Or as Dr Motte might put it:
- Dr. Motte, Founder: Loveparade Berlin

Read our featured story with exclusive interview !!!


Oct 3, 2009 By: Meguel | Mr. Eventvibe SJ @
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