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POP 2012

Saturday March 31st, 5:30pm - 2:00am
Venue: Oracle Arena (Oakland)
Ages: 21+ only
Benny Benassi
Fedde Le Grand
Dash Berlin
Sander van Doorn
Sunnery James & Ryan

City: San Francisco CA
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POP 2012

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Taken by Ken C at 5:30pm Sat, Mar 31
Taken by Steve Han of at 5:30pm Sat, Mar 31
Taken by Meguel | Mr. Eventvibe SJ at 5:30pm Sat, Mar 31

sound go round
Doors 5:30-2am

Tickets on-sale at
Full event details available at
the color theme this year is gold "baby its gold outside"

View event map here:


line-up presented in order of fantastic appearance
++Benny Benassi (12:50-2)
++Fedde Le Grand (11:40-12:50)
++Dash Berlin (10:30-11:40)
++Sander Van Doorn (9:20-10:30)
++tyDi (8:10-9:20)
++Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano (7-8:10)
++NERVO (6-7)
++DYLOOT (5:30-6)


Where flowers bloom; so does love. Like a flower, POP2012 will consist of many layers, each blossoming as the night grows. The concept is as sweet as violet love with four kinds of structures. The Sound, LEDs, lighting, and special effects be a spectacular spectacle. As the night builds, so will the visual experience, layer upon layer. We only work with the brightest and most forward thinking in lighting, video, sound and special FX. All of those elements are put together months in advance so we can plan, draw out and pre-program the show from start to finish, so as to elevate your experience to yet another level. Most of what is built into this ticket price is the cost of the production. This allows us to produce extraordinary effects providing a unique party experience. It's all for YOU.

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.
~William Blake

We are glad to present the TR- 6mm transparent LED wall. Using 250 LED panels, it will span 1000 square feet. With the new design, we will create a flower with LED pedals, outlined by custom fabric reinforcing an organic allure, giving the stage depth and creating a unique canvas for the VJ. In combination with the lighting, the visuals on the transparent LED walls will produce extraordinary effects providing a unique party experience. However, words don’t do justice when describing this experience, you have to see it for yourself.

50 Mac 3 profile
50 Clay Paky Sharpy
50 atomic 3000
50 PIXEL-LINE 1044
100 color blasts
1000 feet of truss

POP2012 after will feature an amazing sonic experience with nothing but the best of the best in live sound. We will have a flying line array which will deliver the music evenly to wherever you are in the room, grooving on the dance floor or chilling in the seats, it will be like you are in the front row. Along with the flying rig we will have 48 sub cabinets to make the rhythm flow through your body as if you were one with the pulsating bass lines. The sound system design for POP2012 is based around a system called L’Acoustics V-DOS. At full tilt, the system will be capable of powering the loudspeakers with up to 350,000 watts of power from digital Camco amplifiers

48x V-DOSC elements (main arrays, 24 per side)
24x V-DOSC elements (side arrays, 12 per side)
24x SB218 Sub bass elements (flown subwoofer arrays to project sub bass to the highest reaches of the arena)
24x SB218 Sub bass elements (ground stacked in a time delayed arc to spread even subwoofer coverage throughout the main floor)

Cryogenics/CO2 effects are just one of the many different types of effects that will be at POP2012. Along with 24 jets, we will have 12 confetti cannons, which are powered by co2 compressed air and are without question, the most efficient and effective Electric Remote Controllable Confetti Cannon available. Streamers, snow and bubbles and the Sexy Skills Sirens with add to the dream.


Full event details at
The color theme this year is GOLD "baby its gold outside"
For info on other Skills events, please visit

You must be at least 18 years of age to attend POP2012. Remember, your body is a temple. Love yourself and those around you.


We are looking forward to bringing POP 2012 to the modern facilities of Oracle Arena. Skills is testing out a new texting system to get you help while at ETD POP. This system, now in use at many large stadiums, allows you to text directly to the dispatchers who coordinate medical, security, and facility resources. Does so is fast, safe, and easy. We want to make sure you or your friends get the help or support you need, regardless if it's attending to a bathroom that's out of tissue, someone feeling sick, or needing help from security. All you have to do is simply text 'Pop' to 69050, also include your issue and location so we can send help there. If we have questions our interface allows us to text you back as well as keep track of each incident to make sure it's resolved. We'll also have banners and signs posted in the Oracle Arena with reminders and instructions. Better yet, save this number to your phone now so you don't have to remember it later!

SKILLS makes every effort to create a safe & fun environment. Our medical staff is community friendly and here to help keep you safe. They’ll take good care of you and your friends if someone feels sick or is hurt. Security and medical staff will be present throughout the entire event so If you need any assistance, feel free to ask security or staff and they will do their best to help you out. Play it safe, be smart, and you’ll avoid being sorry.

For the 21 and up; If you choose to drink alcoholic beverages, then consuming at least a 1:1 ratio of water to alcoholic beverage is smart. Staying hydrated while dancing is something everyone needs to be aware of, especially if it is hot. Keep hydrated by drinking water throughout the night, if you wait until you’re thirsty, you’re waiting too long to drink.