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Beat Church 6/21

Thursday June 21st, 9:00pm - 3:00am
Venue: 1192 Folsom
Ages: 21+ only
Rafael Fierro
City: San Francisco CA
Profile Visits: 424
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Beat Church 6/21

  • ✝✝✝ This week Beat Church has an ultra bootylicious line up handpicked for your experience ~

    ▲▼▲▼▲ ♒ FEATURING ♒ ▲▼▲▼▲


    The eve of the apocalypse brings a new era for Bass Science. An electronic production unit whose beats bounce on the cusp of the future, Bass Science creates diverse productions that are lit with innovation and laden with the low end for a fresh and far-reaching musical experience.

    Bass Science is Mattb, a prolific producer whose eclectic sound has been cultivated from a wide range of influences, from his homes in London and Japan to Los Angeles, and many places between. Also the brains behind the record label Made In Glitch, Mattb is a beat pioneer who has made powerful contributions to Japan's glitch hop scene as well as the global bass music movement. The newest sounds from Bass Science encompass this divergent world, fusing glitch hop, IDM and dub into a heady electronic blend that illuminates brainwaves and fires the dance floor into action.

    ♥ Like / Download some of Mattb's fresh beats ♥

    ✖ DJ BALANCE ✖

    As a graduate of the Scratch DJ Academy (LA), Balance honed her skills under the guidance of many talented and creative DJ's and producers. Since breaking ground 6 years ago when her stylin' collection of vinyls and her passion for hip-hop infused EDM harmoniously synthesized, djBalance has been delivering versatile, cross genre, unique, booty shaking, honey dripped goodness.

    (: Like / Download some of her tasty mixes :)


    AUDIOVOID (aka LAYERZ) Muti Music

    The “audiovoid” sound is generally thick, edgy, and heavily psychedelic. Focusing mostly on (but certainly not limited to) breaks and midtempo/glitch-hop oriented sounds. While the “LayerZ” sound has been focused heavily on the vibe of dubstep inspired material. However, as the name suggests, it is usually anything but sparse. generally cramming several twisted layers of lush melody, intricate sound design, and unexpected change-ups into the mix.

    From early involvement in Metal bands at around the age of 12 to the eventual journey towards IDM, Techno, Psy-Trance, D&B, Breaks, and Electro, L.G. was never limited to just one genre. Groups like ‘The Orb’, ‘NIN’, ‘MBM’, and ‘Art of Noise’ were also early influences. In 1998 he began djing and within another year was diving diving head first into full on electronic audio production. In 2002 eighty minutes of material from various demos and musical sample mashup/experiments were compiled to form his first (Now Out Of Print) full length CD, “Twilight Machine” which was Only available in ‘Physical Cdr’ form at Amoeba Music. In 2003, Ultra Records nominated him a top finalist for a remix he did of Sasha’s ‘Wavy Gravy’. In 2004 he released “”Disconnect Yourself” on MDEX Recordings and has more recently released some Mind Bending Breaks, IDM and Dubstep on Muti Music as well as the “Online Only” album titled ‘Whispers From ShadowZ’ on the “Addictech Records” Label.


    Tha Fruitbat is an electronic music maker best known for his disorienting arrays of synth and sample tones, woven together atop complex breakbeats and mutated basslines. His background as a trained musician (drums, bass, guitar and percussion) and audio engineer enables Tha Fruitbat to play, sample and record his own sounds into his compositions, creating his own unique beats. In addition to his solo work Tha Fruitbat is responsible for creating other projects with various Northern California electronic musicians. These include Hysterisis Loop, a four person live electronic outfit that has performed in many cities throughout California, in venues small and large including the DNA Lounge in San Francisco and Sacramento’s Arco Arena. As well as ReptilianBassStation with Ratchet and a revolving cast of local producers.


    Ratchet has been cranking out a unique brand of twisted psychedelic breaks on the sly, since 2006. His all original sets have been gobbled up on enthusiastic dance floors across the country. Having showcased his talents in underground clubs and outdoor festivals. People are starting to notice his impeccable ability to craft a sharp, precise and ultra-clean composition.

    Ratchet's first full length album is comin' in hot for early 2012 and will be the third release for Ooze System Recordings. Ooze is an up and coming label. By and for established veteran producers of the underground EDM scene.

    Collaborations are thick for Ratchet and include a side project called ReptilianBassStation with Tha Fruitbat, Spektrum, and a revolving group of local producers and friends that love bass music and a natural musical progression involving a theme and story. 2012 will see more releases from this young prolific audio sculptor. Along with fresh new releases from ReptilianBassStation.


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