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BABY GOT BACK feat. S3RL by Hardstyle Family at The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum

Friday June 8th, 8:00pm - 4:00am
Venue: The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum
Ages: All Ages
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City: Pittsburgh PA
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BABY GOT BACK feat. S3RL by Hardstyle Family at The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum

Sales Stop at 07:00PM EST 06/08/12 Buy tickets asap before sell out

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S3rl, DJ K9, Trigga Happy
Hardstyle Family 412 proudly brings to you....

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BlackDaddy's Birthday Bash

When we celebrate my birthday, we go harddddddddddddd.
This year, we're going to celebrate it with the harddddest, sexiestttttttt party pittsburgh has ever seen!

Going to feature the sexiest booty shakinest music pittsburgh can possibly handle. Along side some of the HARDESTTTTT Dj's the earth has to offer.

There will also be a "BEST BOOTY" contest with cash prize.
And a "BOOTY SHAKING" contest with cash prize!
Save the date, this is going to be a party youll never forget ;)

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• DJ K-9 (TX)
& many more!!

Located at HUGE 2,000+ Capacity venue:

The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum
7310 Frankstown Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15208

✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ LINE UP ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖
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✖✖✖ DJ S3RL ✖✖✖
Hardcore/ Stylecore
Queensland, Australia

*1st Pittsburgh appearence in over 4 years!*

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DJ S3RL from Brisbane, Australia, has been writing and producing his own tracks since the year 2000. Discovering PlayStation’s ‘Music 2000’ he taught himself how to write music and then eventually upgraded to Reason on PC and still uses that today. Before all of that, and most importantly, he was part of the rave scene as a raver, letting loose on the dance floor and going to every local event. S3RL stays close to his rave heritage even today.

S3RL scored his first break at the end of 2005 when Kevin Energy and Sharkey came down under. S3RL showed them his musical skills with a demo CD and it was only weeks later that contracts were being signed to join Kevin Energy’s infamous label The Nu Energy Collective (NEC). Releasing his first track 'Transformers' to vinyl made S3RL the first DJ in Queensland to be signed to a major, international hardcore label and not long after he was already mixing it up with names such as Kevin Energy, Sharkey, Hixxy, Brisk, Scott Brown, Darren Styles and many more.

Since then S3RL has released a multitude of tracks on various labels such as the ‘NEC’, 'Executive Records’, ‘Australia With Force’ and many more. His music has been featured on compilations such as 'Bonkers', ‘Hardcore Underground’ and ‘Masif Hardcore’ and has mixed a CD for the Hardcore Energy compilation series. All this while show casing his talent to a worldwide audience, DJ’ing at events all around Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Europe.

Having multiple EP's to his name featuring tracks like the smash hit that truly broke him into the scene - 'Pretty Rave Girl', the follow up track 'Little Kandi Raver', his new label’s ‘Pika Girl’ as well as underground rave hit ‘Dealer’ showing his spectrum of styles, S3RL has also worked with numerous bands from around the world doing re-mixes and collaborations. The most notable being his work with US band 'The Medic Droid' with his remix of their track 'Fer Sure' which also went on to become a worldwide hit.

Known 4 his intense stage presence and floor filling musical abilities, be sure to watch out for S3RL as he mixes up a storm and continues to keep the crowd jumping with all his future productions. DJ.S3RL.Official.Fan.Page


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Good vibes B.A.D ASS Steez Promo
Uk Hardcore
Baltimore, MD trigga-happy

A lot can be said about the DJ duo known as Trigga Happy. But two things always seem to stand out more than anything else.. They're extremely dedicated to their craft and they always give back to the rave community. From their intense promotional work to their event planning and most importantly the energy they bring to the stage when DJing, these two veterans of the DC/Baltimore scene have played a pivotal role in the rebirth of the east coast hardcore scene and took it to a level few ever imagined.

From their start with Good Vibes Promo, these UK hardcore artist have accomplished more in a year than they thought possible. Touring heavily throughout the east coast, They've shared the stage with Showtek, Angerfist, Luna-C, DirtyPhonics, Xample, Milo, Venom, Jen Mas and more. They also landed a residency with UK based production company Vinyl Perversion, joining a roster that includes Chris Unknown, DJ SC@R, Protocol, Ramos and Kaos MC. Next, they signed with Steez Promo, Baltimore's top production company. Steez Promo's steady stream of seasonal events named "Massive" and their work with the annual Starscape Festival have brought countless, huge names to Baltimore. After signing Trigga Happy, (the first hard dance act to appear on the Steez promo's roster) they teamed up with Good Vibes to bring a new generation of events called Drop it Hard. Catering to the ever growing hard dance crowd in the region, Steez and GVP have brought some of the illest international hard dance acts to the region.

Trigga Happy has been referred to many times as the peoples DJs. Whether you like hardcore or not, they want to make sure that everyone has fun when they play. Both Chad and Justin draw from diverse musical backgrounds including drum and bass, breaks, electro, disco house, and hard house. With many years under their belt as solo DJs they've learned how to move many different types of crowds. Now they bring that experience to the stage as Trigga Happy. With the ability to flawlessly switch up the energy of their music they're always able to take the crowd to the next level.

Beyond DJing, they try to cater to the next generation of raver by hosting multiple contest and ticket give aways. In their opinion this is paying respect to the undying support their crowds have shown and energy they bring to each and every show. Whether it's rocking the decks, hanging out with the crowd or just being ridiculous with a megaphone this duo is guaranteed to make you happy.... Maybe even TRIGGA HAPPY!!



✖✖ Dj K9 ✖✖
S.G.A. UnderCore KAOS Underworld
Hardstyle/ Hard Dance
Houston, TX


The intense faded bassline kicks in accompanied by a hard beat as DJ K9 takes the stage. Some know him as the “King of Texas Hardstyle” others know him for his energetic performance, but his passion for his music and fans always shines through when his set comes on.

Josh was first introduced to the EDM/Hard dance scene by his two closest friends in high school, and ever since he has had an undying passion towards it. Through out his high school years, he played at small house parties increasing his knowledge, passion and skill for the music. This helped him really show what his passion was for and pushed him to the top with a small following of high school party animals and hard dance enthusiasts.

At the age of eighteen, Josh took a break from the djing to join the fire department. Due to the lack of scene for hard dance at the time, He never thought he could make a career out of his passion. A year later, he re entered and was discovered by Underworld’s director, Bart Black. Bart took Josh under his wing and offered him a spot in the Underworld Crew, Houstons largest EDM enteraintment group. A few months later, Josh was known as one of the leading Djs in Underworld, and formed his own branch of the crew called UnderCore. Soon after, it became the largest Hard Dance Crew in Texas.

Not only has DJ K9 played two Texas tours, but he has played with acts and friends such as Irene, Flarup, Ron Reeser, Smash the Disco, DJ Isaac, Gammer, Hardware, DJ S3rl, Excision, Dardude, S-Factor, Andy Caldwell, DJ Micro, Run DMT, DJ Scotty Boy, HeavyGrinder, and many more. Also performing 2 Massive events in 2011, FutureFest and Mega Buzz 2011.

In April 2011, DJ K9s career came to a complete hault. He was diagnosed with Auto Immune disease and told that he would never have the strength to perform again. Proving his doctors wrong, Josh continued to progress, becoming the number 1 hardstyle DJ in Texas. When K9 performs, he gives the audience a unique experience making it memorable, unique and shows everyone what real Hardstyle is all about


╔═══╗────────╔═╗╔═╗─────── ╔═╗────────╔═╗
║╔═╗╠╦╦═╗╔═╦═╣═╣║╦╬╦╦╦╦═╦╗ ║╦╩╦═╦═╗╔═╦╣═╣
╚╝╔╝║║║╬║╚╗║╔╬═║║╩╣╔╣║║║║║ ║╩╗║╔╣╬╚╣║║╠═║
──║╔╩═╣╔╝─╚═╝╚═╝╚═╩╝╠╗╠╩═╝ ╚═╩═╝╚══╩╩═╩═╝

✖✖ 7UP & ERYN EVANS ✖✖
Steel City Funk DC Records
Bassline/ Fidget/ Booty house
Pittsburgh, PA eryn_evans

7-Up: Dave Sanchez a.k.a. 7up, originally hailing from Ohio, made the move to Pittsburgh and proceeded to take it by storm. For longer then many can remember the name 7up has been synonymous with the house scene dropping his unique mixing style at thousands of events and every major nightclub in Pittsburgh and major cities around the States. He started Steel City Funk, one of the first major DJ and production teams in Pittsburgh consisting of himself and DJ Brad “Elysium” Thomas. Over Dave’s history he has brought many new styles of house to Pittsburgh including Speed Garage in 1997, to the short but sweet 2-Step trend that came and went with the millennium, right up the present incarnations of deep and funky house which he rocks on the dance floor, leaving a trail of satisfied party goers in his path. As anyone will attest to, Dave’s performances are nothing short of AMAZING and filled with positive energy which is translated to the people who come to see him play.

Eryn Evans: Pittsburgh's first lady of bass, Eryn Evans started DJing in 2001 mixing anything she could get her hands on. It wasn't until 2005 she finally emerged from the shadows and started rocking the dance floors at raves, clubs and the LGBT circuit within the Midwest USA. A must see performance, her amazing energy, endless track selections and aggressive mixing skills have made her a Pittsburgh and tri-state area favorite placing her on bills alongside some of North America’s most beloved electronic music acts. Evans has played alongside a variety of exceptional performers within dance music such as Shpongle, Charles Feelgood, AC Slater, B. Rich, Bassbin Twins, Josh the Funky 1, 45 Thieves, Paladin, Keoki, T-1000, Delirium, Venom and countless others. She also opened for DJ Monk of Rabbit in the Moon, Random Rab, Marty Party and closed out for LA veteran house superstar Richard Vission.


Pittsburgh, PA TheAssassinsBass

• TIKA (Kooterkore)
Pittsburgh, PA

• RSK (Heavy Artillery)
Pittsburgh, PA

• GANG BANGERZ [Blackdaddy & Skoots] (Hardstyle Family 412)
Pittsburgh & Cleveland skooterk1d

• E[K] (Potential Loop)
Akron, OH provista-hard

• H.A.C (Hardstyle Family 412 Potential Loop)
Pittsburgh, PA

• PETERLEE (Quadcore Legions of Dance)
Pittsburgh, PA

• NAOKO (House of Styles Drunken Monk)
Pittsburgh, PA

• J-ME (B.A.D ASS Sisters of Sinster)
Pittsburgh, PA BasslineJme

• VIRALSHARK (Not My Kids!)
Pittsburgh, PA djviralshark

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✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖ MORE INFO ✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖✖

All Ages [Responsible ages please]
Bar for 21+
• $10
Early Bird Presale UNTIL 4/18/12 @

• $15
Tier 2 Presale UNTIL 5/1/12 @

• $20
Tier 3 Presale UNTIL 6/1/12 @

• $25
Tier 4 presale UNTIL 6/7/12 @

**$25 at door until 10pm**

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Located at:
The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum
7310 Frankstown Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15208

More details soon!
show starts at
07:00PM to 4am

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The Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum
7310 Frankstown Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

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Date & Time:
Friday, 08 June 2012

call/text 626.241.4711
IM: sh4mhC
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