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Focus Presents: Tortured Soul LIVE (Brooklyn, NY)

Tuesday February 18th, 9:30pm - 2:00am
Venue: Focus
Ages: 18+ only
Focus OC
Tortured Soul
City: Orange County CA
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Focus Presents: Tortured Soul LIVE (Brooklyn, NY)

Focus Presents: Tortured Soul LIVE (Brooklyn, NY)
+ More TBA
Tuesday Febuary 18th

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Presale tickets available @ $10

Located @
4253 Martingale Way
Newport Beach Ca

On Tuesday, Febuary 18th, we have a very special treat at Focus. Brooklyn's very own Tortured Soul will be gracing us with a Live performance on Focus' stage. You CAN NOT miss this night. Trust me! If you've ever seen Tortured Soul Live before you know how awesome they are and to see them in a venue as intimate as Focus is flat out amazing. FYI Last time we had Tortured Soul we sold out, so presale tickets and/or early arrival is strongly suggested for this very special event.

With their simple 3-piece line-up, the band are a breath of fresh air for the dance floor-weary masses tired of dry club brands serving up DJs-by-numbers. Bringing all the right elements of soul and disco heritage into their music, you’ll experience a Tortured Soul live set as you’ll experience a great DJ.

Rose and violet lights fall on three musicians decked out sleekly in skinny ties, pressed slacks, and starched white shirts. The mass of bodies gathered before them pulsates with a unified enthusiasm. Sweet soulful vocals rise from the man in the middle, an effect rendered all the more captivating by the fact that he is concurrently beating out an unrelenting backbeat on the drums. Flanking him on either side are a bassist who jumps up and down to the rhythm as he generates the throbbing low-end, and a keyboardist whose cool composure belies the fire in his fingers. This is Tortured Soul.

Born of the simple yet adventurous belief that modern dance music can be performed completely live, Brooklyn’s Tortured Soul packs dance floors with their unique live performances, while their recorded oeuvre pushes the genre boundaries of soul, dance, and pop.

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