Heaven & Hell Halloween Music Festival & Costume Party

Fedde Le Grand
Wolfgang Gartner
Joachim Garraud
Bart B More
Dada Life
Hyper Crush
Cowboy Mike
Don Santino
DJ Kingsley
Stir Crazy
DJ Till

Venue: Del Mar Fairgrounds
City: San Diego, CA
Date: Saturday October 30th, 2010
Time: 8:00pm - 2:00am
Ages: 21+



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Heaven & Hell tickets are available for purchase online @ www.eventvibe.com & in select San Diego Retail stores. Tickets are released in blocks, with limited amounts available at each price. Purchase your tickets in advance for the best deal & to ensure your entry to the event.

Do not buy tickets from scalpers. Beware of frauds. Assure your admission into the event by buying your ticket from an authorized ticket outlet. Heaven & Hell Halloween Music Festival & Costume Party will take place rain or shine. All acts advertised have confirmed their appearance; however, acts are subject to change without notice. Guard your tickets carefully - just like cash! There will be absolutely no reissues for lost or stolen tickets!

General Admission tickets get you in the event & access to all 3 stages.
$55 presale - available


VIP tickets get you in & drinking faster! We will have a special VIP entrance (no waiting in GA) & exclusive VIP areas in both Heaven & Hell with private VIP bars.
$80 vip express entry - available

Purchase today before the price goes up!

We will have the ultimate VIP experience set up at the Fairgrounds!
VIP areas starting at $1,000 - includes VIP area, 6 VIP tickets, & 2 bottles of Kettle.

To book your VIP area of for larger groups please contact us : mattya@eventvibe.com or 619-342-1651

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Book your room at the official Heaven & Hell Halloween Hotel : The Hilton Del Mar!
For such a spooktacular night, a hotel room for you and friends is the perfect fit. We worked out a KILLER rate for you, starting at only $129 a night..... is pure evil!  Click here to book your room at the Hilton today!

Hilton Del Mar - $129/night
To book online - Click here
15575 Jimmy Durante Blvd
Del Mar, California, USA, 92014

.5mi from the Del Mar Fairgrounds, click here for directions

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Heaven & Hell 2010 Layout Released!

3 massive Areas with a 10,000 person capacity! 
(Located in the Del Mar Fairgrounds, directly next to the racetrack)

1. Heaven (Indoors)
2. Hell (Indoors)
3. Purgatory (Outdoors)

Del Mar Fairgrounds:
2260 Jimmy Durante Boulevard
Del Mar, CA 92014

With such an amazing talent line-up brewing, it only seemed fitting to upgrade to a much larger venue. The Del Mar Fairgrounds will be the location for the biggest Halloween bash ever to hit Southern California.

We will transform the Del Mar Fairgrounds into a Hellacious trinity of 'Heaven', 'Hell', & 'Purgatory'. With these 3 massive areas of nightmarish celebration, and the biggest talent line up San Diego has ever seen, this will be a halloween celebration of monstrous proportion!

Be sure to check out our massive indoor areas (Heaven & Hell), plus the monstrous outdoor lounge area (Purgatory) , complete with music, stages, bleachers, couches, & plenty of room to check out all the awesome costumes!

More Features
Tons of Parking (For your Brooms)
Lots of full service bars
Great hotel deals in the area with shuttle services
A safe and secure place to celebrate Halloween
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Fedde Le Grand added to the Heaven & Hell Halloween Line -Up!

fedde le grandWho else could we possibly book for Heaven & Hell? How about the one and only Fedde Le Grand!
...If we want to have the biggest Halloween Party ever in SD it would only be appropriate to add an International Superstar like this!

Get ready for Fedde to devastate your Halloween with a thundering display of International dance hits like"Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit", "The Creeps", Amplifier & "Let Me Think About it".  Maybe something from his newest album "Output" to inspire the the masses at this one of a kind Music Festival!

Of course we must mention that Fedde loves performing in San Diego andcan't wait to come back -- especially to the largest and most excited 21+ crowd Cali has ever seen!

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Wolfgang Gartner added to the Heaven & Hell Line Up!

fedde le grandOne of the most recognizable dance music producers to emerge over the last few years, Wolfgang Gartner has rocketed to the forefront of dance music with his relentless string of hits, and blistering dj sets.

With remixes for A-List artists  (Black Eyed Peas, Timbaland, Britney Spears) and lauded by peers such as David Guetta, Tiesto & Pete Tong --  Wolfgang Gartner has produced eight #1 tracks on Beatport -- including the best selling track of 2009!

Considering his impressive list of performances at the countries biggest music festivals  (Coachella, EDC, & Electric Zoo, just to name a few)  -- we thought it only fitting to feature Wolfgang Gartner, in San Diego's first major music festival. Heaven & Hell : Halloween Music Festival & Costume Party.

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Joachim Garraud Live added to the Heaven & Hell line up!

joachimFrenchman, Joachim Garraud (pronounced ga-row) is a spectacular performer, rockin the "keytar" live, with an unrivaled ability to produce bangin, hard, house tracks.

Joachim Garraud will be featured at one of the worlds largest dance music festivals, "SW4" in London this month (Aug), then Electric Zoo in NYC in Sept, and the Texas Nocturnal Fest, before landing in San Diego on Oct 30th, to inject our brains with his high tech, visually driven, live show.

Adding Joachim Garraud to the "Heaven & Hell" line up was a clear choice based on his accolades alone, not to mention his awe inspiring performance at our NYE event, last December 31st where he blew the roof off the room, filled with thousands of screaming fans.
With our massive "line array" sound system, and a lighting and special effects system designed to squeeze your emotional core, Joachim Garraud is an awesome addition to our "Heaven & Hell" line up.

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Dutch musical prodigy, Bart B More added to the Heaven & Hell line up!

bartCombining his love for beat-driven, looped techno music -- with his big room house, electro style, Bart has been able to create an exhilarating new cross-over sound....

The result has been a treasure of highly successful remixes & massive international support. Check out some of his tracks here!

Adding Bart B More, and his (Dutch) dope'ness to the "Heaven & Hell" line up, is like throwing gasoline on a fire. (Hell's Fire of course)

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DADA LIFE Added To The Heaven & Hell Lineup!

Dada LifeDADA LIFE will be performing live on Sat October 30th @ The Del Mar Fairgrounds forHeaven & Hell : Halloween Music Festival & Costume Party

Hailing from Sweden & armed with champagne, some bananas and a sack full of bangers, DADA LIFE have had an epic 2009 and have risen fast to bring their maximal sound to the world.

Catch them live at Heaven & Hell, as a rich addition to the already stellar Halloween line up of talent!

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Electro Group Hyper Crush (Live) Added To The Heaven & Hell Lineup!


hyper crushHyper Crush is here. Straight out of Los Angeles via time travel, the three shit-faced extra terrestrials that make up the group are known simply as Donny, Preston, and Holly.

Armed with fresh rhymes, funky beats, and enough neon ...to make you wear shades, these three will get you on the dance floor and moving. On May 1 the group released the party anthem of all time, 'The Arcade.' This monstrous album features 13 tracks of pure electro power.

Hyper Crush seems to have the 'rap game on constant chokehold' status with songs like 'Disco Tech.' It seems to be that once these three mad geniuses set their minds to ruling the universe at large, there is nothing standing in their way.

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Event Date:
Saturday October 30th, 2010

Event Hours:
8pm - 2am

All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.
E-ticket or physical ticket required for entrance. There will be no will call for TICKETS PURCHASED ONLINE for this event.

Age Limit
21+ ONLY with valid ID

Acceptable Forms of ID for Entry
Any U.S. government issued driver's license or ID - must have a photograph and date of birth.
A U.S. or foreign government issued passport - must have a photograph and date of birth.

Unacceptable Forms of ID for Entry
School ID.
Consular ID.
Licenses issued in countries other than the U.S.
Expired IDs.
Birth certificates
Xerox copies of any ID.

Costume Common Sense:
We look forward to seeing everyone's crazy, creative and sexy costumes!  Please use common sense with props and such. Anything that could be a safety hazard to other guests should be avoided (since it won't be allowed in the venue). We want everyone to have an awesome and safe night!

Line up/Set Times:
Subject To Change

Event will take place rain or shine

Shuttle Service:
Great hotel deals with shuttle services - a safe & secure place to celebrate Halloween

The Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra
The Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra is Professor B. Miller (Mad scientist extrordinare, responsible for the music) and SPO-20 (The Robot who sings). They are from San Diego, recently released their debut four CD box set masterpiece, and just started performing live again after years of writing and recording in solitude. They have been together since 1996.

Lousy at describing what they do, they decided to just let someone else do it. Here's a quote from The Plugg: "In a truly overzealous gesture of elevating the somewhat strange to the wholly ridiculous, Professor B. Miller has completed a 4 disc, mega-release of his minimalist, robot-lead compositions under the name Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra. Combining Adult Swim style set-ups (with songs like Cheap Trapeze Lessons, I Stole Your Daddies Time Machine and Haunted Rental Car), concept album consistency (um, the entire thing is sung by a robot) and enough musical range to keep things actually interesting, the new release conjures roughly 20 + years of absurdity and satire the likes of which Spinal Tap, Blues Brothers, They Might Be Giants and Devo are just a small reference."

Check out more on the Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra at myspace.com/satanicpuppeteerorchestra

Muralist – Carlos Vera
Carlos Vera, Los Angeles based fine artist and performance painter, has been engaging audiences with his live painting for over 12 years.  He has performed at numerous festivals including: Coachella (Palm Springs, California), Lightening in a Bottle (Santa Barbara, California), Electric Picnic (Dublin, Ireland) and at a variety of nightclubs and special events. Carlos describes his live painting as taking the audience on a journey through his creative process. The pace is fast, the scale is large and the performance is dramatic.  The performance is improvised and the piece evolves before the audiences’ eyes.  The experience captures and stimulates one’s imagination.

Heaven & Hell 2010 Layout Released!

3 massive Areas with a 10,000 person capacity! 
(Located in the Del Mar Fairgrounds, directly next to the racetrack)

1. Heaven (Indoors)
2. Hell (Indoors)
3. Purgatory (Outdoors)

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