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Jul 10, 2009 By: elite of the elite its huge @
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Black Out Friday 13th @ Cirque...
in San Diego
Wednesday Jul, 18th
David Guetta @ Ushuaia Ibiza
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
Martin Garrix @ Ushuaia Ibiza
in Ibiza
Wednesday Jul, 11th
Night Swim @ Hard Rock Hotel S...
@ Hard Rock Hotel S.. in San Diego
Saturday Jun, 30th
Night Swim @ Hard Rock Hotel S...
@ Hard Rock Hotel S.. in San Diego
Saturday Jun, 30th
Shiba San @ Club Space
@ Club Space Miami in Miami
Saturday Jun, 23rd
2 whom it my concern my name is Christopher Luckett im a 23 year old Virgo my son which is my jr is the best thing that has ever happen 2 me luv u dad long hair don't care all im about is that dolla dolla bill y'all oh yea don't 4 get the lv & Gucci & all the high end wear i like that shit
" the self aint something 1 finds its something 1 creates & others follow wanting 2 B just like them & i tell them niggas & hoes i don't want to B any thing like u thats why im a very exclusive factors"TO DO LESS THAN YOUR BEST MEANS TO SACRIFICE THE GIFT THAT YOU'VE BEEN BLESSED WITH""
im one of the most giving people our father has made very open minded luv to party and play its so much money to be made to be wit the bull shit so get active DA WAY I SMACK A NIGGA U COULD CALL ME THIZZ YA DIG cuz i stay active 2 on
point cuss when u stay ready u aint got 2 get ready gas n who ever fastST  it could never b what u though it was cuz it cud b any lil thing at the end of the day:)you know i stay setting trends and rock stars stay partying like me...fucking followers..walk on side of me cuz im sick of o clowns walking behind me all n my shadow following n my foot steps keep it cute or put it on mute ya dig um how ever keep it 100 TWITTER GOHARD510 AIM bigups510