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Eddie Halliwell
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: Manchester
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 24/06/2011 - Flames, Calgary, Canada
 26/06/2011 - Electric Daisy Carnival 2011, Las Vegas, USA
 26/06/2011 - Hard Rock, San Diego, USA


 07/07/2011 - Cream @ Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza
 12/07/2011 - Trinity, Plus Club, Lagana, Zante
 14/07/2011 - Cream @ Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza
 15/07/2011 - Bora Bora Club, Tunisia
 17/07/2011 - Judgement Sundays @ Eden, San Antonio, Ibiza
 18/07/2011 - BCM, Majorca
 22/07/2011 - Sunrise Festival, Poland
 28/07/2011 - Cream @ Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza
 29/07/2011 - Ironworks, Inverness
 30/07/2011 - Global Gathering, UK


 06/08/2011 - The Syndicate, Blackpool, UK
 07/08/2011 - Judgement Sundays @ Eden (Radio 1 Event), San Antonio, Ibiza
 11/08/2011 - Cream @ Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza
 14/08/2011 - Guaba Beach Festival, Cyprus
 18/08/2011 - Cream @ Amnesia (Exclusive Terrace ED-IT Show), San Rafael, Ibiza
 19/08/2011 - Hold USA
 20/08/2011 - Hold USA
 27/08/2011 - Creamfields Festival, UK


 08/09/2011 - Cream @ Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza
 18/09/2011 - Judgement Sundays @ Eden, San Antonio, Ibiza





The seventh edition of Eddie’s online magazine, ‘The Ed-itorial’ has now been published. Check out what Eddie has been up to recently... and enter the great competitions!!
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If you want to get involved with the creation of ‘The Ed-itorial’, simply email your pictures, videos, comments or anything you want to and you never know, it may get featured in the next issue!

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Myebook - Eddie Halliwells Official Myebook - click here to open my ebook

‘Without a shadow of a doubt Eddie Halliwell is a legend, a hero and a massively popular DJ worshipped by many’  - DJ Mag ‘Is Halliwell the most exciting DJ on the planet right now? Maybe!’ M8/Tillate Magazine  Eddie is a DJ legend to rank among the best of them, so make some noise for clubland’s answer to Rocky.’  - Mixmag ‘There are people who play records and there are DJ’s who blow minds, Eddie Halliwell is the latter…who makes every set, no matter how small the club or how big the festival, feel like the closing party of the end of the world.’ – MixmagWhen any DJ at the top of their game steps up in the booth it has that effect. Before they cue up a track, or even plug in their headphones, the mood changes – eyes dart to the front, people get up on their toes, breathing quickens as pulses begin to race and there is a murmur of expectation.  But with Eddie it’s not merely a murmur, it’s a rapturous roar, one that grows until at its crescendo somewhere in the crowd the chant begins – “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” - at that moment the uninitiated know they are in for something special, that they are about to see someone special: Eddie Halliwell, the precocious talent, championed by the dance floor to become one of the biggest breakthrough DJ’s on the planet.  It’s certainly been a meteoric rise - Eddie is a major player in the dance music scene, having just been titled one of the ‘New Superstar DJ’s of 2009’ and ranked number 9 in Mixmag’s world top DJ’s of 2009 as well as voted top 20 for 4 consecutive years in the DJ Mag top 100 DJ’s poll.To understand how all this has happened so quickly you have to see Eddie in a club.  Fundamentally when everything else is swept away, DJ-ing is about making the dance floor erupt. Few possess the same incendiary talent as Eddie. Behind the mixer he seems frenetic, a hive of activity. Constantly manipulating the music with lightning cuts, layers of effects and slick scratches, he makes you question both your eyes and ears. Playing tracks from across the musical spectrum – trance, techno, house and electro – he harnesses the energy of every beat, synth, hi-hat, squelch and squeak, making each sound stand out and yell at the people on the dance floor.  As the music thunders along he bounces to each twist and turn in the track, interacting with the crowd in a highly visual performance, connecting with them, compelling them to dance.  Eddie reached into millions of UK homes with his own BBC Radio ONE show from 2003 – 2008, along with seven essential mixes, now in 2009 Eddie broadcasts to millions of worldwide listeners via his new syndicated radio show – FIRE IT UP RADIOUsing his technical expertise to generate energy and manipulate new sounds his peers also acknowledge him as one of the leading innovators when it comes to using technology to push boundaries.  As Paul Van Dyk pointed out, technology completely changed what clubbers could expect to hear from the most cutting edge DJ’s: “Now kids just use them, for example, Eddie Halliwell — what he does with those Pioneer CD players is f*cking nuts!  He had no hesitation; he just went for it and has probably got the best out of the machine” Tiesto has also always shown great support to Eddie and recently labeled Eddie as a ‘Legend,’ in an interview with DJ Magazine! The world’s leading DJ equipment manufacturer, Pioneer, used Eddie to help develop the “DJM-909” (the world’s first digital scratch mixer) and more recently the revolutionary new PIONEER CDJ2000. Eddie is part of an elite group of forwarding thinking DJ’s who have been selected to work alongside the Pioneer development team. Eddie’s new concept ED-IT (Eddie DJing with Integrated New Technology), that launched in August 2009 at Creamfields, showcases just how creative and mind blowing his performances can be – using only the freshest equipment to edit and remix music live on stage, accompanied by a full interactive visual display and stage show. 2010 is set to be another storming year for Eddie, stating with a bang in Sydney on New Years Eve, followed by a two week tour of Australia and New Zealand with the biggest OZ festival going, Summadayze. Its full steam ahead with another full on year of world tours scheduled, more ED-IT dates, Ibiza residency, another album release, live broadcasts from Eddie’s global gigs on Fire It Up Radio and much much more – check for up to date news and to view Eddie’s online magazine.



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We'll be adding the latest footage of Eddie as and when we get it, as well as scouring the web for the best of yours to add to the page.Thanks to those users whose videos we've already picked out, keep 'em coming!

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