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DSMG is an innovator when it comes to business development. We are not the average company, we tend to take a more bold approach to everything in life & business. When you need a strong marketing campaign designed, an event planned or help with your struggling business, we are the ones you need to call. We sometimes bend the rules but never cut corners when completing projects. We are daring, but can be reserved depending on the type of business we represent. We are here to nurture your true entrepreneurial spirit and help it flourish. Please browse our site and contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to your success!

Diversified Strategies Marketing Group is a woman owned and operated business. Consider us the "Mother Business". We take pride in your project as if it were our own "baby". We drive you towards success and relieve the stress of it all. We hold your hand until you're ready to stand on your own two feet. We will always assist you though out the life of your business. Our mission is your business achieving success.

About the CEO:

I have always been the type to take a bold approach when seeking new contracts or exploring new endeavors. I have pretty much taught my self everything I know and worked my way into a very competitive market. I am gearing towards new heights and have relocated back to my hometown of San Diego, CA.

I have always had that ''go getter'' attitude. I have enough training and experience to be a positive leader in any position and the ability to fulfill any role or project I take on. I hope to make lasting positive impressions and meet good people to connect with during my transition. I am eager to see what doors will open for me here in San Diego now that I am back. I absolutely love business development and dealing with any relations management jobs such as corporate event planning, contract acquisition, promotions and event marketing. I RESPECT the business owner and being one myself know how difficult it is to succeed without a support system. That's exactly why I started DSMG, to help you succeed, why you ask...because knowing your business is on the road to success helps me sleep at night. I believe it's the small business owners who keep the world in rotation. Think of how many small ideas turned into mega corporations and create jobs for our economy every day. Don't be afraid to let your business grow, just be mindful about who you do business with.

I have so many strong points it's hard for me to just pin point one. When I am given a job, I get it done quickly. I believe I am some one who makes the world better in a cheerful kind of way. I stand on my word and am very careful about selecting the right people to help me follow a project through. I always have a positive attitude and try to keep others around me motivated. If you are interested in contracting with my company don't hesitate to call. I am an excellent speaker and have coordinated concerts, car shows, business conferences and other special events. I look forward to networking with other like minded individuals and companies!

My favorite quote is "I don't like that man, I must get to know him better." ~ Abraham Lincoln.

I am approachable and you will never get that "I'm too busy to do business with you" attitude at DSMG. A girl can move back the city but you can never take the country outta her heart.