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Doc Martin
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: Los Angeles CA
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Most of the new breed of jet setting club and rave DJs come from such cities as New York, London and Chicago, but Doc Martin hails from Los Angeles re-presenting the West Coast worldwide.

Doc Martin began his mission on the decks back in the

summer of 1986. His focus on house music from the land of funk and disco, was triggered while playing the club and warehouse scene in San Francisco. As one of the major players in laying the foundations of a strong West Coast dance scene, Doc has always been a master of mixing the crowd with the music. Neatly avoiding pigeonholing, while embracing a myriad of different styles, his set creates a warm unique vibe of empathy on the dance floor. Doc's legendary 8 hour sets at Flammable Liquid, Sunday Love, to the most underground lofts, and warehouse parties know no colors, age or sexual orientation. Not only does he regularly devastate dance floors in prestigious clubs like New York's Twilo and Liverpool's Cream, to the smallest loft parties, but he can also send a crowd of ravers into a euphoric groove. That's rare these days in a scene where there are sizable walls between the two ends of the dance music spectrum.

While most star DJ's are one-note musicians sticking to a single subgenera of music, Doc' s live sets bring many styles of music as well as people together. In this age of specialized formats among DJ's and producers, what sets Martin apart from his peers is his ability to spin everything from deep house, acid, funk, tribal, and classics in a set, while having it all make sense. Doc is one of the most sought after DJs in America. Constantly touring, he can be found playing records everywhere from England to New Zealand, and everywhere in between. As the first West Coast DJ to ever hold many residencies in New York, he continues to spread the gospel according to Doc.

Now residing in L.A. he has begun to spread his vibe through making music in the studio as well as playing it. Remixing The Mighty Dub Katz projects for Nervous Records, as well as original tracks for Moonshine, Shaboom, 99 North, and the ever growing Leaf Recordings to name a few.

Doc's magic continues to grow, whether it is on the turntables or in the studio. He is a future legend of house and loved by thousands all over the world. Music over hype will always be Doc's message of love. There are no stars just dancefloors and the ability to tap into their energies. Open yourself and step into his world.

Doc Martin’s Partial Discography:

Sublevel True School (May 2004)
Fabric 10 (June 2003)
Sounds You Can Feel (May 2002)
Vol. 2 Imperial Dub Recordings (March 1999)
The House Music Movement (April 1998)
Unlock Your Mind (August 1996)
United DJ’s Of America (February 1996)
Remixing a Tribe Called Quest, Moloko, Sylk 130,The Mighty Dub Kats (Fat Boy Slim), DJ Pierre, Nervous Records, Classic, Music For Freaks, NRK, Moonshine, Shaboom, Siesta, Greyhound, Imperial Dub, Leaf, and the ever growing, Sublevel Music.

Sublevel is a label that Doc as a producer and writer has developed with vocalist and writer Lillia, together they have 6 releases out these are the releases:
Just Us - A very dreamy piece with an excellent Vocal dub mix. This track has been picked up for licensing across the world by such labels as KSR King sound recordings, (Japan), Southern Fried Funk (DC 10 Circa Loco UK), Fabric 10 (Doc Martin UK) and Stealth Records, Release Yourself (Roger Sanchez UK)

The second release, A Greater Life, was very welcomed and within only a few weeks of being released, it was played by Tiefschwarz, Kenny Hawkes, Craig Richards, and Theo Parrish.
Blu Love - A very summery Latin anthem filled with live percussion and live keys.
Keyboards and bass Paul Birchell, Mark Bell, the flip has an 80's feel as featured on the Sublevel "True School" CD mixed by Doc Martin.

Sublevel Sampler 1 - Raw Vibe – Sublevel mixed by Doc Martin and for the flip Rob Mello - No Ears Dub Debut as featured on the Sublevel "True School" CD mixed by Doc Martin, Aaron Arce LA Transit and the Sublevel Sampler 2
Also Doc Martin will be mixing & releasing a CD for King Street New York coming out real soon.

Sublevel has been reaching out since new years eve 2003 through there everlasting underground shows here in LA where a lot of music has been showcased as well as some of their own live shows as they continue to spread themselves out to a wide underground musical audience they have a small collection of cd’s available on the website from their private events that have been recorded for memories to be kept from these special shows…..Sublevel will continue to grow reaching out to like minded souls. To purchase some of Doc Martin's mixed CD's,  Sublevel Vinyl & merchandise please log onto

Sublevel Events:
1 888 592 0555
1 323 386 4660
For Bookings:
1 323 960 4400

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