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DJ Matty A
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: San Diego CA
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Photos sits down with San Diego event producer & DJ Matty A to talk about the re-opening of Side Bar & Ruby Thursdays

EV : How long you have been producing events and how did you get started?

MA : I've been producing events for 15 years. I got started in college working with a local production company passing out flyers. Once I got a taste I was hooked. I decided after graduating that I wanted to stay in San Diego and pursue my
own business in promotions.

EV : Where did you grow up?

MA: Los Angeles...The Valley!

EV : I understand you graduated from SDSU. What was that experience like? How did it lead you to this?

MA : Yes, I am a proud grad from SDSU! I loved college, not classes but the social aspect was great. I just wanted to get a degree and make mom happy. I met a lot of people in college that I work with to this day. I have created some long
lasting relationship through that experience.

EV: You are both a dj and an event producer. How do these roles differ?

MA: Yes I am one of the few that can be both successfully. I basically run two different businesses. It does get hard at times, I have to wear both hats and make some tough decisions. One advantage is I see both sides of the story, it helps in negotiations for both.

EV : What are some of your most memorable events over the years?

MA: Damn there are so may. I can add the opening of Wavehouse this last Sunday with Donald Glaude to the list! From our NYE parties to the world class talent we bring in year in and year out. The most rewarding part of this job is creating memorable events for other people. I love to hear someone say "That was the best time I ever had!"

EV : Tell us about the history of Ruby Thursdays?

MA : Over the years I have done many promotions and we always try to brand the night. The Ruby brand is the best I have ever done at giving a weekly event its own identity. People knew the night as Ruby not Side Bar which is rare.  We were the premier spot on Thursdays for 4 years until we closed Side bar for a remodel. Now it's done and looks amazing. You have to see what I mean, so make sure you are there May 21st for the Grand Opening!

EV: Tell us about the rebuild of Side Bar.

MA: It's bigger, about 150 more in capacity. They have also added another bathroom, which can never hurt. There is a lot of art on the walls and a lot of texture to everything inside. There are many things going on but blend very well. The
LED lighting will be red every week to go with the theme. There are 10 VIP booths through out the venue. We will be featuring Video Disc Jockeys every week, so you can hear your favorite song along with the video on the large
projector screen or the many TVs. Too much good stuff to talk about so make sure you hit up the grand opening!

EV: What do we have to look forward to with the new Ruby Thursday?

MA: Thursday nights have not been the same since we closed. I look forward to bringing the people the night they want. The right venue, the right people, and the right music.

EV: What else do you have planned coming up?

MA: We have a full summer all planned out! I would say get ready for Memorial Day Weekend. We have Wednesday through Sunday covered!  You can check out all of our upcoming events at

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