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Andrew Phelan
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: San Francisco CA
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The many faces of Andrew Phelan

Andrew Phelan is one of the hardest working people in San Francisco nightlife.  Beyond regular DJ gigs at local hotspots such as Harlot, Vessel and Temple and around the world, he spends much of his time making music with production partner Origami in SF’s famed Moulton Studios complex.  Their work together has led to releases on some of the most respected labels in house, including Drop Music, Eight-Tracks and So Sound, reaching the charts and playlists of Radio 1, Kiss FM, Mark Farina, Jay-J, Laurent Garnier, Inland Knights, Funk D’Void, Colette, Robert Owens, Roger Sanchez and DJ Heather to name but a few.  Andrew’s Prismatic brand has become established locally through event series such as Tonal and Alpha Beats as well as after hours and one offs throughout the city, but is known internationally as a record label that is home to some of house music’s premier names, including Luke Solomon, Q-Burns Abstract Message and Santiago & Bushido.  Showing no signs of letting down, this week finds Andrew teaming up with Eric Sharp of Rock It Science to throw his biggest event yet, featuring the one and only Green Velvet at Mezzanine.

Prismatic presents Green Velvet & Designer Drugs at Mezzanine in San Francisco Saturday, June 20th
(Click here for more info & tickets)

Eventvibe: How did you come together with Eric Sharp and Rock It Science for your event with Green Velvet on Saturday?
AP: Eric and I have been working together for years.  We kicked things off with Tonal, a color themed series of underground parties in lofts and wearhouses around SF that allowed us to bring out some of our favorite DJs from around the world, names like Diz, Justin Long, Q-Burns Abstract Message and Miles Maeda.

Eventually Tonal grew to a size that was too big for the underground.  We couldn’t find larger venues and found ourselves wanting to bring out bigger talent than we could risk on an underground party.  So we started our club series Alpha Beats to carry on the sound and tradition of Tonal in a larger club setting, kicking things off in January with Doc Martin and Sunshine Jones.

At the same time we started eyeing even bigger acts that we wanted to start bringing out, and Green Velvet was one name that kept coming up.  The man is a true legend, I mean he’s made some of my all time favorite house and techno tracks over a span of 15 plus years (think the Percolator, Shake & Pop, Flash, Answering Machine, La La Land), and outside of giant raves and festivals he rarely plays in SF.  When we compared schedules and found that he had an opening the same night Mezzanine did, it was a no brainer for us.  The buzz and excitement about his debut performance at Mezzanine has been immense.  I can’t wait to hear him sing over his classic tracks live in the mix in that setting.

EV: And what’s coming up for you and Origami in the studio?
AP: We have an absolute ton of releases coming out this year.  The funkier output pairs me up with him as his alias Origami in our continuing Dusted Roots series, and our techier/bigger room output will pair me up with his real name, George Cochrane.  We’ve just recently had remixes out on Lost My Dog and Yerba Buena Discos, and coming up we’ve got tracks and remixes coming out on Eight-Tracks on my own label, Prismatic Tracks.

EV: Speaking of Prismatic, we hear the label’s been generating quite a buzz in the media of late.
AP: Yeah this is the year that things have really started to click for us, in the past few months we’ve gotten reviews and press in iDJ, DJ Mag, DMC Update and radio play on Kiss FM and Radio 1, which has all been really exciting.  We’ve been slowly putting out releases since 2006, but recently have become a lot more consistent, every two to four weeks, and we’ve been able to add some amazing producers to the roster, including Luke Solomon, Jake Childs, Chris Lum and Ross Couch.  Look for the roster to continue expanding too, through the rest of the year we’ll be adding a bunch of artists, including Rick Preston, Scope and Anthony Mansfield.

EV: And what does the future for hold for you and the label?
AP: More of the same I hope, just bigger and better!  I’ve been doing this going on 14 years now, and it’s been fun getting involved in so many different aspects of the scene.  I started as a party goer, moved quickly into DJing, then producing, running a record label, and finally promoting my own events.  They all require different skill sets and present different challenges, but they’re all fun in their own unique way.  That, and they all turn back to the music in the end, that’s what’s kept me going all these years.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get away from the four on the floor, it’s in my blood.

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