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Dj Just
Justin Karcich has always had a sincere passion for music. Whether he was listening his older brothers hip hop tapes as a youngster, or being influenced by his Uncles music career who produced for some of the largest bands to come out of the late 60's and early 70's, Justin's love for music constantly grew. With his roots stemming from a strong love for Hip Hop and Rock, he naturally began expanding his ears to other genres of music such as funk, soul, disco, pop, new wave, and electronic house.

Always wanting to take music to the next level, buying a set of turntables allowed DJ Just to do so. With constant practice, dedication and determination, it enables him to bring technical skill as well as well as unique and stylistic mixing to his sets to create the ultimate experience for party goers. He feeds off of the crowd as he makes sure the crowd feeds right back off of him.

Residing in the heart of San Francisco, DJ Just spins at some of the cities most upscale clubs and works with some of the industries top promoters…

Dj Dan Lo
Born and raised in San Francisco, the rich musical culture around the city inspired Dan-Lo to become a DJ. Some of the biggest names ever to touch a record are from SF, which has played a big part in motivating Dan-Lo to rock crowds. Technology has now created an era where anyone can become an "instant DJ". This has brought a flood of new DJ’s into the industry, some with a sincere passion for music, and some because of the potential fame and attention DJ’s now get today. Anybody can be "taught" to become a DJ, but a musical soul can never be given or taken. The bottom line is the crowd must be rocked!

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