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Chelsea Hunter
I am a: Go-Go
From: San Diego CA
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Sep 5, 2008 By: Chelsea Hunter @
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Latest Event Photos

Matoma @ Hakkasan Nightclub
@ Hakkasan Las Vegas in Las Vegas
Sunday Mar, 4th
Brooke Evers @ Temple Nightclub SF
@ Temple Nightclub in San Franci..
Saturday Mar, 3rd
@ Bassmnt in San Diego
Friday Mar, 2nd
3LAU @ Temple Nightclub SF
@ Temple Nightclub in San Franci..
Friday Mar, 2nd
He. She. They.
@ Ministry of Sound.. in San Diego
Saturday Feb, 24th
@ Beta Nightclub in Denver
Saturday Feb, 24th


Hey there! So a bit about me:

I'm a full-time model and gogo dancer and I LOVE every minute of it!! I don't check this site very regularly so if you need to get in touch with me right away check out my website and email me from there, I check that account much more often:)

I moved to San Diego from AZ in November of 2006 and have been doing the whole "entertainment" industry full-time since then. There's nothing I love more than a GREAT DJ, KILLER BEATS AND SWEATING MY BOOTAY OFF DANCING ALL NIGHT LONG!

Check out my other modeling websites also:

Model Mayhem

One Model Place