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Andre M Photography
I am a: EV Photographer
From: Toronto
Galleries Posted: 82
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Andre Matthews is a professional photographer who specializes in photographing the entertainment and music scene in Toronto. His business is, "your key to the entertainment world". The company also has links to entertainment sites in major cities all over the world, including:

“Every photograph of Andre’s, whether it be of an International DJ or of a local aspiring model, conveys uniqueness and raw artistic appeal. His ability to capture raw emotion and pure abandonment is what makes each image so memorable. His signature method of allowing people to be themselves in front of the lens, is what makes him well known within the artistic community. His images induce many thought provoking conversations & his style definitely exudes variety”.

Walter Powell
Toronto, Canada

"I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Andre Matthews’s on multiple occasions and found his work to be fantastic. I find his artist flair to photography to be exceptional. He is well known and liked throughout the industry and accepted as a credible photographer. He has done an excellent job at capturing some memorable moments in Toronto entertainment history. I hope that his passionate eye and his art will be recognized as a valuable addition to the artistic scene of Toronto."

Shirin Hanafieh
Marketing and Public Relations Director

"Andre's photographs are loaded with life and passion!
He takes photographs when people least expect him to and he definitely knows when to click. His photographs are original, sexy and so yummy!
Andre is active and devoted when it comes to taking the perfect picture!You can find photographs of him taken at endless amounts of events and parties and he is still going at it stronger than ever!
If you look at any of the photographs taken by Andre, you will immediately feel yourself inside of it.
Try and see for yourself."

Patrick Vivona a.k.a. Pat Boogie
Boogie inc. President | Event Planning & Promotions Manager - Mixed Signals Music
Toronto, Canada

I have been organizing and promoting events in Toronto for over a decade at every hot spot in the city. I run an event planning and promotions company called Boogie Inc, and I am also in charge of all the publicity and promotions for the record label Mixed Signals Music. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented DJ’s and producers in the world. I have also had the distinct pleasure of working with Andre Matthews on many occasions. Every event I put together requires hours and hours of preparation to ensure it’s success. I need a photographer that can capture the essence of the vibe at my parties and Andre is the man we come to for the job every time. No doubt, when Andre walks though the door people notice him because of his unique look and style of dress, but before long he disappears into the shadows to capture some of the best moments of the night. Many people pose for Andre at my events and I must say I do love those photos, but it is the ones that Andre shoots when people aren’t looking into the lens and posing that are the most powerful. On many occasions the headliners at my events write to me to tell me how impressed they are with the photos that were taken. Producers like Blaze from West End Records, one of the most respected and longest running record labels in all of dance music, Dennis Ferrer from Objektivity Records in New York City and even a legend like Tony Humphries have commented on Andre’s work.

Not only is Andre a talented photographer, he also has a huge passion for his work, and it shows. I can always count on him to take great pictures at my events and parties, but even more impressive is the turn around time on the photos. Andre can be out all weekend shooting several different parties, and even though he may be dead tired, he stays up and professionally edits each and every job, and sends it to his clients usually within 48 hours. I have never worked with someone who can produce such amazing work but also have it back to me in such a prompt fashion.

I hope to continue working with Andre well into the future. His work can be viewed on my website and myspace .