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Zana and Star
I am a: DJ/Artist
From: San Diego CA
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Zana & Star
is an emerging electronic dance music duo hailing from San Diego, CA.
Johnny Zana and Juliet Star combine their talents to create an eclectic sound that transcends the Trance/Progressive genres. Whether performing live on the decks or producing tracks in the studio, this union of solid artists brings an unprecedented element to the dance floor.
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Juliet Star - The Search for Sound radio show

Always wanting to be a dancer, I enjoyed dancing to the lovely sounds of progressive house and trance. Although I listened to EDM for many years, I never had a desire to DJ. Years passed and a couple of knee surguries later, I decided to focus on becoming a DJ and ending my dance life.


The transition from just dancing to the music, and wanting to play it instead, was a slow one. For a couple of years when I was learning on turntables I ended up turning them on only once every month or two. In January of 2010, something changed for me. I started playing a few times a week and I loved it.


I met the #trancefamily and discovered many new friends who shared the same love I do for trance music. When I went to Holland in 2009, I felt at home because the people there really loved and appreciated trance music, which I have loved for many years. Now, to find more people locally and across the world that are as passionate for trance as I am, I have truly found my place in this world.


I currently play Trance Live every Friday Night at 7pm PST / 10pm EST / 3am GMT on & for my TGIF Show.


I also play House music on every Wednesday at 6pm PST / 9pm EST / 2am GMT.


I have been a Guest a couple times on the show TranceSound Session which airs on Party107, Wave FM, 1Mix Radio, Anthem FM, ODU.FM and PureSound.FM. I will be playing in the TranceSound Festival on Day 2 with many other great artists. You can check out the Lineup here:


I have also been a guest on many radio stations including,


This year I have also begun the journey of learning to produce music. I am currently studying some production techniques and have created a few mashups. I have played at events in San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. I have played with some amazing talents including Johnny Zana, Josh Silver, Victor Dinaire, Max Graham, The Thrillseekers, Robert Gitelman, Mike Saint-Jules, Wayde Rafnel, Dave Correa, Thomas Datt and Kyau & Albert.

I am really happy that playing Trance gives me so much joy and I look forward to all the people I will meet in the future that can share this love of trance with me and my #TranceFamily.

   Juliet Star - The Search For Sound Ep 02 by julietstar

Johnny Zana - EV Music Producer/DJ

Johnny Zana is Johnny Antezana. His music journey began in 1989 in Providence, Rhode Island, where he studied under numerous talents and perfected his technical skills as a new DJ in the local scene. Experimenting with Trance, Progressive, and House Music in the years following, he expanded his search to encapsulate his true style. He found himself performing in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and South America and the music took on its own life from there.

Providing the opening sets for such top global acts as Cosmic Gate, Tom Colontonio, Marco V, Aly & Fila, Victor Dinaire, and numerous other events yet to come, his current world of music has no pause button.  Ever progressing on his style and sound, he hosts a weekly podcast of the latest Progressive and Trance tracks, infusing influences from such wide ranges as Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, Above & Beyond, Sean Tyas, DeadMau5, and several young emerging producers awaiting their formal introduction into the industry.  Also, as those who surround him in his professional life know, his dedication to the craft has always encompassed a multifaceted view on life and his career. For the past 5 years, he's been a staple in the Arizona Electronic Music scene, where he has performed at Cream Stereo Lounge, Pussycat Lounge and Myst nightclub.  His previous show as "Johnny Jam" on the airwaves of was called “The Johnny Jam Experience” and would include guest mixes from several DJs across the world as well as guest spots from Top 100 DJs.

His long-range endeavors have now come full circle to his home-base in San Diego, California where he's joined the ranks of the multi-talented Eventvibe and EV Music artists. Nevertheless, as always, his music continues to evolve and his eyes remain wide open with anticipation for the future. 

Music -

Johnny's debut original track "110 Degrees in San Diego" has been featured on

- Darude's "Salmiakki" Sessions Radio Show
- Juliet Star's "The Search for Sound" Radio Show
- DJ Nancy Starr's & Kaeno's "The Vanishing Point" 300 Show

   Collections of Dance - October 2011 Podcast by Johnny Zana by Johnny Zana

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