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I am a: DJ/Artist
From: Los Angeles CA
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                                                                          DJ TIMBO:
"When we dance, I think the cosmos are smiling at us."

DJ Timbo kicks it with Eventvibe's Spencer Thomas to tell us about his passions and charismatic style!

EV: You began spinning at a young age (13).  Was deejaying something you always pursued or was it something you fell into?

DT: I started going to house parties when I was 13. There is a DJ named Mixter Ed in Los Angeles. He was a big inspiration to me. I thought he was the coolest guy I had ever met. I saved up all my allowance to buy my first set of turntables. By 14 I knew that I wanted to be a DJ. When I got paid to spin my own high school prom, I was hooked forever. I have tried other professions but I can't get out of the business. People just keep calling me and asking me to DJ parties. I finally threw in the towel about a year ago and now I am focused almost entirely on public appearances.

EV: How did you get started in the LA music industry?

DT: When I produced a film called LA DJ the Movie back in 2004 I met up with an old friend Dave Audé who is one of the most prolific producers in dance music. We worked on a few tracks together for the score. I also had the pleasure of working with DJ Colette who later married my younger brother. She introduced me to one of her producers, Drew K. She continues to be a big influence on my desire to make music. To get started you have to have an idea. My big push came when my 18 year old nephew passed away from a drug overdose. I needed a creative outlet to express my feelings. I have always held music close to my heart so I sat down and started writing.

EV:  What were your favorite artists growing up? 

DT:I love Prince because he is so talented and yet so controversial. And his early music is so damn sexy. I hope I can record just one record that will make Prince want to dance. I like any music that has a point of view. I love Beck, and the Beastie Boys. I am also a huge fan of 80's new wave. Deee-lite and B52s have a lot of influence in my sounds. And lastly Jim Morrison from the Doors always made me think.

EV: You come from a very creative brood. What influences in your upbringing, do you feel, helped foster this?

At the risk of sounding terribly sentimental, I owe everything to my Mom. She was a single parent who raised 5 kids. She always told me I was a genius. I'm not so sure she's right, but it sure helped my confidence as a child. My grandfather was also a great role model. A talented singer and guitar player, music was always a part of our family parties. 

EV: Not one to just sit behind the decks (I've seen you jump on top of the balcony in Scottsdale before while behind the mic) you're one of the most energetic performers around.  When some artists just spin their set and go on about their night, how do you stay so hyped?

DT:That's actually a question people ask me a lot. Although I enjoy a Monster Energy beverage before a show, I would still get hyped without it. I love music with every ounce of my being. I especially love to get a crowd into a frenzy. I love to see people losing their minds. If I can give them a show that can take their focus off the real world for the night, then I have done my job. The world is a real fucked up place. I have a genuine interest in making it a better place to live. I think dancing is one of the most important and fundamental forms of communication in the universe. When we dance I think the cosmos are smiling at us.

EV: DJ, producer, writer, director, have an insane resume.  How do you find time for all your passions?

DT: Hold that thought I have to take a call. Haha! My passions definitely keep me busy. I wish to be transparent in entertainment. In other words, I just want to entertain people all the time in all forms. I have come to the realization that my life's purpose is to bring joy to people’s lives. As a DJ I have found the most success so I am gonna keep that job for a while. But it takes great discipline. It's a job that I work at 7 days a week, but no doubt it's the coolest job in the world right now. 

EV: You use video, serato and live vocals in parts of your set.  You seem to embody all the technology available to a performer right now (both the audio and video aspects).  What's the next step for you?  What trends do you see becoming more popular with DJs?

DT: I have done a dozen or so shows with Ricky Rocks the drummer. That is super dope. I am also working on a show that will allow me to remix my original music live so it will have more of an improv type jazz tip. It's an intense project that I have been working on for a while now but I don't want to tour with that show until I have it dialed in just right. It's just a matter of making the time. I'm thinking about locking my self in a log cabin for about a month and then busting out with a totally original show. Watch out Deadmau5 the Timbot is coming soon! 

I am starting to see a lot more DJs make their own edits and remixes of other artist's tracks. I don't think that's going to slow down in the near future.

EV: Creative marketing is an important part of marketing for a DJ. How do you market yourself (online and when deejaying) and how do you feel the way you market yourself sets you apart from others?

DT: Because of my film background I enjoy making videos. You just have to check out my youtube updates.  I want to be known as the life of the party. When people come out to my shows I want them to have an experience they can remember.  Because of the power of the web I get to extend that entertainment experience before and after my shows.  

I don't want to be in a box. In other words when people talk about me, I want them to say "he's crazy and you just have to see him DJ live." I never want people to say "oh he's this type of DJ." I want to break the mold and push the envelope. I want to make people stop in their tracks, and say "woah..... what is this guy trying to say!" Then I want them to smile and laugh.

EV: You're known for playing some high profile private parties to big nightclubs all over the country.  To date, whats been your best experience? 

DT: They say you are only as good as your last gig. I just spun at SXSW in Austin Texas. I made my entrance by being lowered onto the dance floor from a crane on the roof. The party was off the chain, no pun intended. The next morning I got a call to DJ the birthday party for one of the biggest female actresses in the world back in LA. This was all about three days ago. Right now I am in Miami spinning at WMC. I know it sounds cheesy but I try to make every party the party of a lifetime! I once DJ'd a wedding after being dropped off by helicopter. That was pretty surreal. The gigs just keep getting better. I can't wait until I DJ the first party on the Moon!

EV:  Speaking of high profile: you've had a hit track (Go Go Girl...if you're reading this check it out!) in the top 10 of Billboard and a now a hghly anticipated new track lanching in May called "I'm a Fucking Celebrity."  Anything you can tell us about it? 

DT:Fame has a way of making you feel uber important. The record is a comical synopsis of the life of a celebrity with an out of control ego! It's got a wicked beat and you should expect some remixes by some of the worlds sickest dance music producers. Two of favorite artists (Prince and David Bowie) have touched on the subject but I take it to the next level of obscenity. Famous people can be real narcissistic and I wanted to explore that side of our humanity.

EV:  Where can fans regularly see you play?

DT: I have a steady gig at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone in Las Vegas. I also love playing in Scottsdale and hope to get out there a lot more in 2009. I live in LA but rarely play out there. When I do

it's usually a special occasion. Be sure to check out for tour dates and further info.

EV: Any artists/djs you are following these days?

DT: Truth be told, I really like Deadmau5 and LMFAO. Some people may note some controversy brewing between us, but it's more like a sibling rivalry. I only rib these guys because I respect their accomplishments and talents. I love what Joel Zimmerman is doing musically and his whole mouse head kil

ls me. It's such a great gimmick. People immediately know who he is. I should be so lucky. LMFAO has such a great sense of purpose. Their message screams in all their music and promotions. They just want to rock a party. We have a lot on common.   

EV: If you are the first DJ on the moon can i get on the list?

DT: Absolutely brother. The whole world is on the list. Hopefully you will have a backstage pass!





DJ Timbo grew up on the turntables. At the young age of 13 he was break dancing and working the decks at family parties. At the young age of 19 Timbo formed Enterprise Entertainment Inc., a production company that has produced, music, films, and over 2000 private parties. Timbo has been in the event and club scene across the nation and has been booked solid since 1994.

Timbo has also toured internationally as a DJ. His music knowledge is unmatched and his ability to read any crowd and mix music styles on the fly keeps his audiences in suspense weekend after weekend.

Timbo brings a high-energy approach, eliciting audience reactions, and only works with people who demand the absolute best. Timbo transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. He is more than a DJ. He is the writer, producer and star of the 2004 independent feature film “LADJ.” He has appeared in national commercials, performed in live comedy stage shows and starred in original musical theater. Timbo has made personal appearances at the biggest and best nightclubs in America. Recently he directed music videos for DJ Dan, Tall Paul and Dave Aude´.

Busy in the recording studio, his debut album currently titled “Timbotronic” is due out in 2008. Debut 14 Track EP, GoGo Girl releases in July of 2008.

His energy and personality are infectious.

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