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Enrique of SurrealSF
I am a: Promoter
From: San Francisco CA
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The Exotic Erotic Ball XXX Afterparty
Interview with Enrique of Surreal SF

by Sobo 10/15/09

I didn't see it myself because I was busy backstage teaching some school girls about Anatomy, but I heard some gossip that at last year's Exotic Erotic Ball, Enrique was getting fresh with some Pornstars on-stage while he was on the mic, and that the video is on Youtube!  Needless to say after diligent investigation all this gossip and the rumors about his demise are greatly exaggerated.  This is exactly the type of Tweeting and innuendo that Enrique has had to endure over the last year since he has taken a step back from all the social media self-promotion that has run rampant within the industry, and has worked toward creating what he calls "more meaningful partnerships" with other promoter friends, much like his partnership with Exotic Erotic, which is now in its 9th year.

Enrique has been hard at work putting together this year's lineup at the Exotic Erotic Ball as well as his Official Afterparty (which Eventvibe has exclusively for pre-sale tickets) which boasts a rockin' lineup and guaranteed appearances by the stars and celebs from the Exotic Erotic Ball.

Get Official Exotic Erotic Afterparty @ Suite 181 tix right here @

I got a chance to talk to Enrique about what the Freakin' Costa Rican has been up to for the last year in another Sobo exclusive for Eventvibe.

Sobo: So when are you gonna get partnership status on the Exotic Erotic Ball or at least buy it outright?
Enrique: Ok so first off I just want to clarify that I did NOT get a blow job on stage last year at the Exotic Erotic Ball …but my twin brother did! LOL. Just kidding, I mean I have a twin brother but he didn’t get a BJ on stage either! I think you are getting me confused with that Latin dude dressed like Johnny Depp from Edward penis hands, but he didn’t have knifes on his fingers!

  Enrique with his Surreal Girls

Sobo: How long you been doing the Official Afterparty?
Enrique: I have been throwing the one and only official after party for 9 years now! I met Perry when I was 23, when I was just a young strapping promoter punk kid, you know, right before Myspace killed the idea that calling yourself a promoter was cool. It used to mean something back in the day to call yourself a promoter!  Now everyone with a Facebook and Twitter is a promoter so it has kind of lost the luster which is probably why I wanted to be a part of this event, besides the fact that it is an awesome event. I really wanted to separate the men from the boys and do something on a larger scale with so much creativity. It’s fun! But what was the question again, I’m sorry? LOL 

Sobo: So this year the Official Afterparty is at Suite 181 right?  What’s goin down that night?
Enrique: Well it is my B-Day party as I will be teaming up with the King of Mainstream and underground Afterhours in San Francisco—David Soto; plus this will be the official afterparty not just for the ball but also for many club events going down in the city this night including Roe, Supperclub, Vessel, and Lot 46, so it will be huge! But everyone I know will going to The Ball this year cuz is going to be the 30th Anniversary so you know its gonna be bananas. Perry Mann is bonkers on going that extra mile!

  Enrique with friends at Exotic Erotic Ball 2007 in Las Vegas

Sobo: Your Afterparty always draws about 2,000+ people keepin it lit until Sunrise and I cant even mention all dirty things I have seen the Porn Stars and Celebs from the Ball doing at the Afterparty.  What do sense its gonna be like this year?
Enrique: NUCKING FUTS!!!

Sobo: What else is new this year for the “bad boy of the Bay”?
Enrique: Well I will be launching a hot new nightclub in the East Bay hopefully real soon here in the next few months. Other than that you can catch me in The City every Saturday night at all the hottest clubs, just go to my website and your dialed!


Sobo: Your parties at ROE and Hedonism at Temple are hotter than ever but I feel like I'm missing your old parties at Crash & Suite 181.  When are you gonna buy a mega-club in SF?
Enrique:    Soon my friend, when the time is right and the stars all line up. And, just as soon as the right location opens up for the right price of course.

Sobo: What else do you have planned?  NYE?  Next year?
Enrique:  I have Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy coming in town the weekend after Halloween for HARD EIGHT on Saturday November 7th at ROE w/Conscious Souls & Chris Clouse performing plus DJ E Rock. This party is going to be insane! I am doing the beautiful Terra Space on Harrison Street on NYE which is downtown San Francisco with Vegas House DJ Faarsheed and my good friends, International promoters Arash and Vahid. Our parties are always packed with a hot crowd. I can’t wait. You can also get those tickets right here on Eventvibe soon so buy them quick!

  Photo shoot with the Surreal Girls

Sobo: I feel like you are the Entertainment Director but tell Eventvibe readers all you do for the Ball?
Enrique:    I help assist in bookings so I guess I am part of the “proverbial think tank” on making decisions like who we should book every year, so in other words I apply heavy pressure on the producers Howard and Perry on which direction to lean towards when booking acts for both main stages.  For example, the headliner this year is a band called MISSING PERSONS which just happens to be my ex-girlfriends favorite 80’s band, I would hear them all the time when we got Crunk so I am kind of brainwashed with their song, “Walking in LA”, which is now embedded in my brain forever! And they rock so it’s cool. So when Howard the main producer mentioned they were one of the many options to headline this year, I was like,” GET THEM NOW OR I QUIT! He obviously didn’t want that and booked them the next day. So now my ex-girlfriend is my girlfriend again and is flying in this week so she can hang and party with her favorite 80’s band. Go figure!!!

Sobo: What is the lineup and times for the Surreal Stage?
Enrique:  Well we have a dope-ass Electro/Indie band called The Frail, who is based out of SF which is cool. Kicking things off first will be MINI KISS, a Kiss cover band comprised of mini-people.  Then at midnight is Coolio, throwing down his Gangsters Paradise, WHAT!!! Oh and my boys DJ SKRIBBLE and Trevor Simpson will close the night out. Oh, and I know Tila Tequila will be running around somewhere and of course all my hot-ass Surreal Devil Girls shaking that ass, shaking that ass!

Sobo: Is Tila Tequila really gonna make it cuz I heard she is having some legal stuff going on?
Enrique: You mean breathing problems, yeah, it was only hard for her to breathe for a quick minute though I think, but then he let her go right! I think that was the story! Anyways, she is a cool ass chick and down with the sickness.  Everyone has seen her show on MTV, that shit was Limp Dilznick yo, and I am being serious, I had that show on my TiVo cuz I am addicted to those reality shows, they rock!  BTW you know where I can get my own show?

Sobo: What are you gonna dress as this year?
Enrique: I am going to be dressed in an orange prison outfit probably. So that way when I get arrested at 6am for doing the centipede naked down Market Street I won’t have to change. Or I can be Elvis in an old school prison uniform and do the jail house cock! Just kidding.

Get Official Exotic Erotic Afterparty @ Suite 181 tix right here @

For more info on the Exotic Erotic Ball visit