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Sara Fleenor Photography
I am a: EV Photographer
From: Detroit MI
Galleries Posted: 16
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Afternoon Delight Event - Miami, FL WMC Gallery

Mar 17, 2011 By: Sara Fleenor Photography @
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Sara Fleenor
Artistic Freelance Photographer, Digital Artist, Brand Ambassador/Promotional model, Make-up artist, & Hair designer

My aim is to inspire people. :]

I have always felt I had so much going on around me that I had to share what I saw. One smell would carry me to a memory, one simple color would leave me in tears; so I started to write. I started my journey when I was ten, writing every day. All I knew after that was I had to create. The creation did not serve a purpose, it was just a fact of life . I've always had a camera in hand, however didn't realize it was the creative outlet I had been looking for until I took my first photograhy class in college. It was if I felt alive. As I grow as a photographer I'm learning that I have a really strong visual memory. As I grew as a writer, I got more and more interested in people ,how their mind works, and what drives our relationships .People fascinate me. I do not believe that there are good or bad people in the world, there are just people. To me art is not a job, but how I see life. I have something to tell. I need to share my dreams, my feelings, my thoughts.

I have always had a camera in my hand since I was a young child, but never until my adult years did I ever really wonder how it worked or try to manipulate the settings and produce something of my own creation. 
I mainly dive into photography for the pure fun of it and for what it gives me in return:

Exposure to nature

Life is never easy and almost always unexplainable and photography allows for a break from your thoughts. Photography is a way to capture time and make memories.  I think life would not be the same without this science/art that so many people enjoy.

I'm a creative and active photographer who works hard to develop ideas for my personal projects as well as projects with clients. If interested in working with me, please contact me at,, or via contact box  for more details. Also check back to this website for new portfolio developments.