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From: San Jose CA
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Aug 30, 2009 By: RichieRich @
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Today, I bought the URL

I plan on posting a blog there, and some images from my fabulous last year... maybe the best year of my life*

I bought the URL above because women DO rule the world, in ways that men just don't understand.

I do. I get it. And I love it! You rule. Through an alchemy of light and shade, through the turn of your head, the flip of your hand under your hair, a small laugh, a shy smile, a glimpse of you around a corner, a memory of you straightening your hose, a flash of your smile, you capture more than attention... you give life and meaning to the world.

Think about it. What would be the point of even getting up in the morning if women were not around? What would be the purpose of the big house, the new car, the jet or the new pair of jeans if not, somehow and someway, to impress a woman?

Why indeed. The advertising world, a muti-billion dollar global behemouth, runs on and for the attention of women. The world of commerce, by and large, is focussed on women. Presidential elections hinge on the votes of women. Economies the world over turn on the whims of women.

Certainly, men think that because their face is on a dollar or a billboard or a marquee, that they rule the world.

We know different, you and I. You and I know that the shoes you wear and the perfume you buy and the dress you slip on is all part of a global domination that has existed since Eve and will continue long after Desperate Housewives has ended.

I'm all for helping you do what you do. In fact, I am in the business of helping you rule.

And I dig it all. I know there are many photographers who think it's cool to act like it just doesn't matter how amazing you are. I respectfully disagree with the attitude of distain. I'd rather just go ahead and celebrate you while we shoot, and whoop and cheer as we capture images of you looking as fabulous as you do.

For the past few years, I've had the priveledge of working with some of the most beautiful girls in the world.

I've learned a few things along the way. The main thing that I have learned is that women are the lifeforce of the world.

I have learned that- You. Are. Amazing. You are uniquely fantastic. There is no one like you.

As a woman, you have to deal with challenges and situations that would make a man cry and moan... and you handle it like it's just not that big of a deal.

It's not easy being beautiful. I know that. I know that it takes dedication and care and WORK... it's not just something that happens. It's a plan that you follow... and the world will then turn around you.

You make each day happen, each situation, every moment is an opporunity... and you grab it.

What we do together is a form of alchemy... you bring your outfits and your attitides and your abilities and your proclivities and your hopes and dreams and aspirations...

And I bring a camera and a willingness to help you refine the gold of the moment...

I'm here to help you cook. I'm here to help put the ingredients together and serve up the combo...

I'm here to record fractions of a second in your lifetime and make them meaningful.

I'm here to help you make history.

And I love every single minute of it. This is the best time of my life, right, right here, with you. You and I are living in the best of times, and I thank God, every day, that I get to work with the lifeforce of this world. You.

From one of the models I worked with recently:

"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience of working with you!   As a beginning model, I was nervous and unsure of my abilities, my looks, my posing… but not only were you encouraging and patient – you were completely professional and made the experience absolutely comfortable for me.  I had an amazing time, lots of fun, and learned a lot from the experience.  I also loved the results!  To any models or aspiring models, if you want someone to give you '110%' and have great results, then Rich is the photographer for you!  Thanks again, and I look forward to seeing your work in the future."
                       -Jodi Harris, Stanford, CA

I love the art of Pin Up and want to make it pay for all of us.

PinUpMarketing (site not live yet) creates smart advertising campaigns and promotions that combine retro-cool PinUp images with powerful marketing messages to sell products and services.

We are all about class and finesse. We are all about having fun during work.

If this sounds good to you, let's talk.

I'm dedicated to bringing a new vision to the art of photography. Working from the idea outward, starting with an emotion directed at the recipient of the image, and building all the lighting, posing and other elements around that emotional drive results in images that have life and substance. The models I work with come first, the client gets what we create together. I look forward to working with models and clients to evoke emotions that matter and images that survive the test of time.

I have been working behind the camera in one way or another for more than 20 years, and have done work for organizations as diverse as the Armed Forces Network and the Stanford Charity Fashion Show.

I also do some club photography and have recently covered an event hosted by Paris Hilton. (You can see photos from that event at … p;gid=8084)

I will be updating my photos here and also, you can see a few hundred of my most recent photos at


* This has been, I think, the best year of my life not just because of the work I do.. but also because I'm head over heels in love with my wife and she won a free trip to Europe and we're going to rent Vespas and drink grappa and I've just had the best time in many ways... so let's keep the good times going! Right? Right on.
I've been involved in photography and event production for more than a decade. As a photographer, I specialize in PinUp imagery. You can see some of my PinUp work at

If you are a model interested in working with me, send me an email through this site. If you want me to help you promote your event as a photographer, MC or videographer, send me a message and let's rock.

All the best and thanks for being soooooo cooooool