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I am a: EV Photographer
From: Sacramento CA
Galleries Posted: 6
People Photographed: 83
Profile Views: 118,479
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Aug 29, 2009 By: @
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I love photography, I love dance music. So it was only a matter of time before I discovered that I could combine the two and have the time of my life. 
Dirk was my first introduction to club photography, on one of my first times out in San Francisco, this amazingly energetic man, wanted to take my pic.  I checked out the pic, at the website on his card, and the rest was history.
I have been checking where the parties are going to be on now for the last Seven Years.
I just recently, about Six months ago started officially being a photographer with
I love it, and have had so many great times, I can hardly imagine what is in store next.